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Nuance Vocalizer Basic


Software for Your Contact Centre’s Most Common Speech Output Needs

“Your confirmation number is…. Six…. FOUR FIVE… oh, oh, oh… two-NINE? NINE?” Don’t force your callers to listen to the choppy, uneven reading of what should be familiar content. Get rid of patchwork prompts that clumsily string together phrases and confuse callers. Nuance Vocalizer Basic provides speech output for many of those common speech output situations. It’s ideal when you have more modest speech output needs but still want to deliver a great customer experience.

You can use the high quality recordings included with Vocalizer Basic or customise the output with your own recordings. Either way, you’ll benefit from Vocalizer’s complex text processing and prompt selection rules to ensure the output is smooth, uncannily natural speech. You can even expand on the included templates to create your own custom contexts.

Available Contexts for Nuance Vocalizer Basic

  • Natural number
  • Alphanumeric
  • Digits
  • Date
  • Time
  • Currency
  • Flight number
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