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Serving The Unique Needs of Mobile Consumers
Today And In The Future

Over a third of consumers regularly use a mobile phone to contact customer service today, and the number is growing quickly*. Mobile consumers expect anytime, anywhere service with immediate access to rich information. Do you have a strategy for serving your mobile customers’ needs?

Serving the Needs of Mobile Consumers

Mobility Is Changing The Face of Customer Care

Mobile trends can make delivering on the customer care promise even more complex, but they offer new opportunities as well, such as device-based customer care. Today, solutions such as Nuance Mobile Care  enable wireless subscribers to transact business and get information directly from their mobile phone using their screen and keypad.


The Future of Mobile Customer Care

But this is the tip of the iceberg. Advances in network speed and bandwidth and burgeoning device capabilities will result in greater freedom and choice for consumers, which in turn will drive greater expectation of flexibility and immediacy when obtaining service. These same advancements will give businesses the ability to deliver increasingly personalised, contextually-aware service experiences resulting in happy, loyal customers.

Our contact centre customer care experience  includes helping our clients develop their mobile customer care strategies, often leveraging our mobile care platform and rich set of mobile clients for speech, text, handwriting and gestural input as well as mobile search and content discovery. We can help your business too.

*Driving Consumer Engagement With Automated Telephone Customer Service”, 29 October 2009, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Nuance Communications.

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