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Mobile Customer Service Solutions

Mobile Customer Service Solutions

We are close to a tipping point. Over a third of consumers regularly use a mobile phone to contact customer services today, and this number is growing rapidly. Mobile consumers expect service at any time and anywhere with immediate access to quality information. What's your strategy for serving your mobile customers’ needs? Learn how Nuance Mobile Customer Service Solutions can help:

Nina™: The Virtual Assistant for Mobile Customer Service

Nina (Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant) delivers an unprecedented mobile customer service experience by turning smartphones into voice-enabled customer service assistants.

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Mobile VocalPassword™

Mobile VocalPassword is a voice biometric authentication solution designed to provide smartphone users with an easy yet secure app authentication experience.

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Nuance Call Intercept

Nuance Call Intercept increases app discoverability and re-use by intercepting dialled customer service numbers and launching an intuitive self-service application directly on a customer's smartphone.

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Mobile Customer Service Innovation

Stay tuned as we introduce new mobile customer service solutions that make use of Nuance's expertise, technology and innovations to deliver exceptional mobile experiences that customers love!

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Nina: The Virtual Assistant for Customer Service

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