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Market Reaction to
Nuance Mobile Care


Analysts and Customers on the Game-Changing Nature of Mobile Handset-Based Customer Care

Here’s what industry analysts and customers are saying about the concept of customer care on the mobile handset and their reactions to Nuance Mobile Care:


“The growth of on-device self service will help operators solve common problems directly on a user's device without ever requiring the involvement of a live agent - providing cost saving benefits for the operator and a positive experience for the customer."
Sheryl Kingstone, Director, Customer Experience at Yankee Group


“T-Mobile works toward delivering exceptional service to every customer, every day. Nuance Mobile Care gives us the ability to provide a superior customer service experience and offers our customers an easy way to learn about and use advanced services, right from the screen of their phone.”
Warren McNeel, Vice President of Product Development at T-Mobile USA
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“The growing complexity in devices and data service technologies has made it challenging for wireless operator customer support and has made it more difficult for subscribers to discover beneficial services. Nuance Mobile Care represents an excellent solution for T-Mobile that enables their customers to solve – right on the device - many of the common problems they encounter, from checking their account balance and paying bills to upgrading their data plans and setting up email.”
J. Gerry Purdy, PhD, Vice President and Chief Analyst, Mobile & Wireless Communications at Frost & Sullivan


“The Nuance Mobile Care milestone comes at a time when mobile operators recognise that their customers are increasingly accessing customer service applications and the contact centre from their mobile devices and this is creating a surge in the demand for new solutions that improve the customer experience on the mobile channel and help to provide a competitive advantage. Nuance Mobile Care not only offers more efficient customer care but, by intercepting the call, can decrease the cost of running a contact centre.”
Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst, Customer Interaction Ovum.


“Wireless carriers and enterprises need to adjust their customer care offerings by providing consumers with information when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. On-device self service provides this capability by solving many of the problems subscribers have on the device – providing a powerful user experience and significant cost savings to the operator.”
Sheryl Kingstone, Director, Customer Experience at Yankee Group
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“We have seen an increasing appetite for on-device support in recent years. The partnership with Nuance and the integration with the intuitive interface of Mobile Care will enable us to satisfy this rising demand and bring further enhancements to the market, such as context navigation of support content, and device troubleshooting to enable customers with solutions that are relevant to their device usage.”
Thomas Thrane, CEO of WorldManuals


“Our partnership with Nuance will ensure that innovative and user friendly, end-to-end secure payment capabilities can be delivered directly from the handset. This will dramatically reduce the number of customer care calls operators contend with as well as reducing the costs associated with supporting customer care operations.”
Chris Parsons, Chief Marketing Officer Vesta Corporation

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