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Nuance Mobile Care


Empower Your Mobile Customers With Handset-Based Customer Care

Today’s wireless subscribers are, by definition, mobile and require service anytime, anywhere. Nuance Mobile Care is a solution for transforming each call to customer care into a compelling, visual self-service experience.

Nuance Mobile Care enables wireless subscribers to transact business and get information directly from their mobile phone using their screen and keypad. Currently in use within the Telco industry, it enables leading mobile operators to offer new and innovative applications that empower customers, deliver an exceptional experience and decrease calls to the contact centre. In recent user experience testing, Nuance Mobile Care was preferred over all other channels, with users citing ease-of-use and speed as key advantages.


Solution Highlights

  • Delivers mobile handset-based, visual self-service
  • Allows mobile subscribers to complete their customer care requests from handset
  • Lets mobile operators deliver preferred customer care experiences and reduce churn
  • Increased self-service rates result in decreased agent costs
  • Preferred by users over other channels based on ease-of-use and speed Enterprise NUCC819 NMC

Next-Generation Customer Care – Today
When a wireless subscriber dials customer care, Nuance Mobile Care presents the caller with a visual self-service application that includes the options required to complete their request. Users can make balance inquiries, top up and pay their bills and even run advanced diagnostics to repair mobile device configuration and settings issues.

While a Telco-centric solution today, service leaders in the airlines, bank and credit card industries will be among the next wave of companies to use Nuance Mobile Care to deliver value-added services to their customers.

Deliver Customer-Preferred Self-Service
There’s no question that Nuance Mobile Care represents customer-preferred self-service. In a 2009 study on how consumers want to receive service from enterprises and mobile carriers in the US, more than 60% viewed on-device self-service as something they wanted access to on their mobile phones. Moreover, more than 80 percent wanted the ability to complete an entire customer service transaction, such as paying a bill or upgrading an account, directly on their mobile device vs. waiting to speak with an agent. In other research surveys conducted with Orange and O2 mobile customers in the UK, 90% of consumers said they would choose Nuance Mobile Care to pay bills and/or top up their accounts when compared to WAP, IVR and USSD. Over half of the respondents (59%) said that Nuance Mobile Care would be their preferred channel of customer care, compared with only 9% for USSD, 15% for IVR and 17% for WAP self-service.

See For Yourself
To see Nuance Mobile Care in action, view the demonstration of Vodafone UK’s My191 service in a video from the British Computer Society. Also, read industry analyst and customer reactions to Nuance Mobile Care.

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The growth of on-device self-service will help operators solve common problems directly on a user's device without ever requiring agent involvement – providing cost-saving benefits for the operator and a positive experience for the customer. 
-Sheryl Kingstone
Director, Customer Experience
Yankee Group
   United Kingdom & Ireland
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