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Nuance Notification Hub


Your Complete Solution for Outbound Customer Care

 Nuance Notification Hub is a complete and flexible platform for designing, developing, launching, managing and analysing all of your proactive notification campaigns. It lets you deliver great service experience to your customers by providing relevant, personalised information on their terms – whether by phone call, text message or email. Furthermore, it helps you reduce inbound call volumes and create new revenue opportunities by delivering communications that your customers will appreciate.


Solution Highlights

  • Design, launch, manage and analyse outbound campaigns
  • Notify customers via phone, text or email
  • Available on-premise, hosted or via hybrid model
  • Seamless integration with contact centre infrastructure
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce inbound call volumes
  • Generate revenue through relevant communications

Design Your Own Outbound Campaigns
Create notifications on the spot with our campaign design interface.

Let Customers Choose When and How You Reach Them
The Nuance Notification Hub Subscription Manager module lets your customers control when and how they receive your notifications. Customers use a straightforward web interface to say, for instance, that they can be reached after 8pm on their mobile phone, anytime by text message or email and at home phone only on weekends. It also lets customers update their contact profiles and add mobile phone and email addresses to their contact records. Enterprise NUCC820B NNH

Tracking your customers’ preferences helps you not only to deliver a great customer service experience but also maintain audit trails critical for regulatory compliance. In addition, Nuance Call Back Manager provides seamless integration with your inbound customer care strategy through providing customers stuck in a congested ACD queue with the option to hang-up and have an agent call them back. Enterprise NUCC820C NNH

Rely On Us To Get You Started
Nuance can help you develop your outbound customer care strategy, create effective campaign messaging, implement your system and train you to use our campaign design interface on your own.

Build On Your Infrastructure – Or Use Ours
Nuance Notification Hub can integrate with your existing IVR platform. You can also choose to use some or all of our hosted solutions.

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