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Retail banks and credit card providers have consistently been at the forefront of technology-driven innovation. Many industries look to this group as the leaders in customer care and service. Today, financial services organisations face a number of new challenges including rebuilding their image and restoring public confidence in the industry. To be successful, organisations like yours are making strategic investments in customer care.

There is a push towards improving the customer experience by providing value-added services and making customer touch-points more uniform and transparent. This can be accomplished by optimising contact centre operations and implementing integrated customer-facing solutions. There are opportunities to differentiate through unique approaches to personalisation, enhancing security of interactions and investing in creative strategies to meet the needs of today’s mobile consumers.

Nuance is helping 14 of the top 15 banks achieve these goals. Together we are keeping financial services at the leading edge of innovative and cost effective customer care.


Exciting Opportunities for Innovation and Cost Savings Enterprise NUCC830 BankingWeb

Improve Authentication to Engage More Callers in Self-Service
The goal with authenticating callers is to balance the customer’s need for enhanced security with ease of access. With incidences of fraud on the rise, this debate continues to rage. Ask too many questions and callers drop out of self-service. Ask too few and incidence of fraud may rise. Nuance has established best practices for you to balance multi-factor authentication and the technologies that make it work.

Eliminate Menus: Let Callers Use Their Own Words
Retail banking has seen tremendous self-service success with the use of touch-tone technology. Speech recognition has opened the door for even greater improvements. Call steering solutions from Nuance allow customers to use their own words to eliminate main menu options, shaving time off inbound calls and dramatically improving the customer experience.

Personalise Interactions for a Differentiated Customer Experience
Imagine a self-service interaction that knows what accounts you have – and what you don’t – and only offers you choices relevant to your profile. Imagine an interaction with a system that remembers what information you called about previously and offers it to you proactively the next time you call. What about a system that greets you by name? Or one that pushes information to you when and how you want it so you don’t have to actively monitor your account? Such interactions exist – and Nuance has delivered them to organisations like yours.


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