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Customer Care Solutions for
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Promote Wellness and Convenience While Controlling Costs

Now that significant healthcare reform has been approved, lowering the cost and accessibility of healthcare is an even greater priority. However, health insurance providers face a number of challenges in achieving those goals. Data must be accessed through multiple systems. Regulations around security and privacy must be addressed. And consumer expectations for access to information are surpassing what most providers are delivering today.

Technology investments are driving down costs – increasing agent productivity and empowering members and providers to self-serve effectively. There is a push towards improving the member experience by providing value-added services and making customer touch-points more uniform and transparent. Nuance is working with leading health insurance providers to differentiate through unique approaches to personalisation, enhancing the security of interactions and investing in creative strategies to meet the needs of today’s mobile consumers.


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Eliminate Menus: Let Callers Use Their Own Words
Health insurance companies continue to struggle with complexity in their calls. Members and Providers use different words to describe why they are calling. Speech recognition has opened the door for improvements in self-service design and usability. Call steering solutions allow customers to use their own words to eliminate main menu options, shaving time off inbound calls and dramatically improving the customer experience.

Provide a Differentiated Experience for Members
Consumers notice the little things. Imagine a self-service system that uses language you understand. A system that doesn’t make you type letters into your keypad. Or one that asks you what information you want to know and then pushes it to you proactively when and how you want it. Such interactions exist – and Nuance has delivered them to organisations like yours.

Improve Authentication to Meet Privacy and Security Regulations
The goal with authenticating callers is to balance requirements for enhanced security with ease of access. Nuance has established best practices in this area of balancing multi-factor authentication and the technologies that make it work.

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The integrated contact centre has changed how we do business and how our customers do business… the number of customers self-serving is up 17% in just the first four months and we’re getting great scores on our
customer surveys. 
-VP of Customer Service, Leading US Health Insurance Provider
   United Kingdom & Ireland
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