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Vertical Industry Solutions

Contact Centre Solutions Tailored for the Needs of Your Industry’s Customer Life cycle

Nuance brings over 20 years of extensive industry experience and understanding of how consumers prefer to interface with a customer care operation over the phone. Our vision is to make every customer interaction with your organisation one that delivers differentiated service in a cost-effective manner.

Nuance Solutions for Your Industry

Telecommunications and Service Providers Enterprise NUCC850 Telco

Nuance has been a strategic partner to leading telecommunications and service providers for over a decade. Our role today is even more critical. As mobile phone usage is sky-rocketing, consumers expect consistent, convenient and innovative customer experience 24x7 from any channel. Nuance is in a unique position to help.


Financial Services Enterprise NUCC850 Financial Services

Nuance helps financial institutions deliver innovative, differentiated and cost-effective strategies for customer care. Our experience working with 14 of the top 15 banks in the USA provides us with unique insight into consumer preferences for self-service. We use this insight to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.


Energy/Utilities Enterprise NUCC850 Utilities

Smart Grid deployments are revolutionising the way Energy Utilities provide services to their customers, resulting in them re-thinking their billing systems, data management and customer interaction strategies in order to reduce costs and reliably deliver electricity and gas.


Healthcare Insurance Enterprise NUCC850 Health

Given that the USA has committed to significant healthcare reform, the healthcare insurance industry is preparing for dramatic changes. Lowering cost and accessibility of Healthcare continues to be a major priority. Providing more competitive service is a must. Nuance helps to provide consistent multi-channel customer service via the phone, web and live agents.


Additional Vertical Industry Focus VerticleIndustrySolutions Thumb

For over 20 years Nuance has been providing customer interaction solutions to US state, local and
federal governments, property and casualty insurance, life and retirement services, retail and travel and hospitality companies. Each industry manages unique customer demands. Nuance can help you exceed expectations and differentiate your service cost effectively.

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Vertical Industry Solutions

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