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Transform Your Customers’ Experience Over the Phone Through Uniquely Personalised, Highly Secure Interactions

Huge increases in mobile phone usage are fuelling consumer expectations for even more timely and portable access to information and service. The concept of anywhere, anytime is being taken to a whole new level. Today’s consumers now feel entitled to great service on their terms. The challenge is for you to provide customer care that meets their expectations. To be successful, organisations like yours are making strategic investments in customer care.

Nuance draws on its understanding of the way in which consumers want to communicate, and balances those dynamics with your unique business goals to deliver differentiated service cost effectively. Whether it’s providing claims information proactively, easing travel with clear, informative communications or taking advantage of the mobile phone for retail shoppers – Nuance keeps you competitive with innovative and cost-effective customer care.


Exciting Opportunities for Innovation and Cost Savings

There is a push towards improving the customer experience by providing value-added services and making customer touch-points more uniform and transparent. This can be accomplished by optimising contact centre operations and implementing integrated customer-facing solutions. There are opportunities to differentiate through unique approaches to personalisation, enhancing security of interactions and investing in creative strategies to meet the needs of today’s mobile consumers.


Eliminate Menus: Let Callers Use Their Own Words
Call steering solutions from Nuance allow customers to use their own words to eliminate main menu options, shaving time off inbound calls and dramatically improving the customer experience.

Improve Usability to Engage More Callers in Self-Service
With keypads on mobile phones getting smaller or disappearing altogether, touchtone interface is becoming more challenging for callers. Companies must prepare relevant strategies for self-service that account for the needs of today’s callers. Speech technologies provide opportunities for improvements to automation rates as well as customer satisfaction.

Personalise Interactions for a Differentiated Customer Experience
Imagine a self-service interaction that knows what accounts you have – and what you don’t – and only offers you choices relevant to your profile. Imagine a system that remembers what you called about previously and offers that option to you proactively the next time you call. What about a system that greets you by name? Or one that pushes information to you when and how you want it so you don’t have to actively monitor your account? Such interactions exist – and Nuance has delivered them to organisations like yours.

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