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Transform Your Customers’ Experience Over the Phone Through Uniquely Personalised, Cost Effective Interactions

Widespread adoption of mobile devices is transforming the way in which consumers choose to access information. Companies are challenged to provide a consistently high level of support to their customers, regardless of location or time of day. In addition, competition could come from any number of sectors today, given the convergence of many industries through mergers and acquisitions. To win in this increasingly complex and competitive market, you’ll need to translate the strength of your brand across multiple channels.

Working with 95% of the world’s top carriers – including T-Mobile, Telstra, Telus, Qwest, Teliasonera and Austar – Nuance has developed a customer lifecycle view of developing solutions. In the lifecycle, customers are acquired, cared for, bonded with and upsold to with an eye toward optimising key carrier performance metrics. From the moment a consumer selects a service and makes their first customer care call, Nuance has offerings that can improve every step of the customer experience.


Exciting Opportunities for Innovation and Cost Savings Enterprise NUCC830 TelecomWeb

Simplify Customer Interactions
Nuance makes complex self-service interactions simple and intuitive for consumers. The experience we provide translates into brand loyalty, reduced costs and increased upsell activity because it feels relevant and personal to the consumer.

Take Advantage of the Unique Interaction Opportunities Available Through the Mobile Phone
Mobile phones offer opportunities for cost savings and improved customer experience. Intercept inbound calls by offering applications on the mobile device. Use phone number to identify inbound callers. Personalise outbound interactions through timely, relevant text messages.

Personalise Interactions for a Differentiated Customer Experience
Imagine a self-service interaction in which the system knows what you called about previously and offers that to you proactively the next time you call. What about a system that greets you by name? Or one that pushes information to you when and how you want it so you don’t have to actively monitor your account? Such interactions exist – and Nuance has delivered them to organisations like yours.

Eliminate Menus to Decrease Misroutes: Let Callers Use Their Own Words
Call Steering solutions allow customers to use their own words to eliminate main menu options, shaving time off inbound calls, decreasing misrouted calls and dramatically improving the customer experience.

Improve Authentication to Engage More Callers in Self-Service
Authenticating callers is a delicate balance between using what you know about the caller and gathering identifying information from them. It requires integrated systems, smart business rules and clever design. Nuance has established best practices for balancing conversation design and has systems integration expertise and the technologies that make it work.

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