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Customer Care Solutions
for Energy Utilities



Change the Way You Interact with Your Customers and Deliver Exceptional, Cost-effective Service

Smart Grid technology is revolutionising the distribution and consumption of energy, and has the potential to cause more complex customer service interactions via the call centre. With the roll-out of Smart Grids picking up pace over the next few years, there will be more consumers needing more information – which almost always equates to more budget needed for customer care. How will you manage the influx of new data? More intricate billing systems? More communication with your consumers?

Nuance is working with leading Energy Utilities companies to accomplish a number of goals: decrease costs in the call centre, integrate backend systems, make agents more productive, improve customer satisfaction scores and proactively reach out to consumers with relevant and timely information.


Exciting Opportunities for Innovation and Cost Savings

  • Increase automation through improved self-service design and innovative technology
  • Proactively contact members to reduce inbound calls and meet their expectations for service
  • Deliver the promise of a consistent customer experience through a well-integrated contact centre
  • Free up resources and capital by investing in hosted solutions
  • Determine why callers are calling you by letting them use their own words
  • Personalise treatment over the phone through strategic planning based on best-in class benchmarks
  • Streamline agent interactions through screen pops and well-designed desktops Enterprise NUCC830 EnergyUtilWeb

Top Self-Service Applications for Utilities

  • Outage and emergency reporting
  • Start/stop service
  • Bill and payment transactions
  • Appliance repair scheduling
  • Meter reading
  • Account inquiry
  • Budget plan enrolment


Top Outbound Notifications for Utilities

  • Late payment notification
  • Appointment reminder
  • Planned power outage
  • Power restoration confirmation
  • Peak time billing/savings updates
  • Returned calls from long queue
  • Customer surveys
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