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Nuance Document Scanning and Conversion Solutions

Streamlining Paper, Office and PDF Document Processes

Document Scanning & Conversion

Whether you’re looking to boost personal productivity, departmental efficiency or enterprise document workflows, Nuance has document scanning, OCR and conversion solutions that dramatically boost knowledge-worker productivity, drive greater business-process efficiency and enhance information security and compliance within document-centric workflows. A typical 500-person company loses about $650,000 per year in productivity as workers struggle to work with incompatible PDF and Microsoft Office formats. More than 60% of business professionals indicated a strong need for PDF, yet fewer than 10% of business desktops are empowered with the ability to create and edit PDFs.

Did You Know?

Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain. And this is just the beginning of what it costs to manage paper in an increasingly digital world. Nuance document scanning solutions turn paperwork into paper that works by:

Increasing operational efficiency - Nuance turns everyday tasks into routine processes that take less time, involve fewer steps and enable office workers to accomplish more.

Making business applications more productive - With Nuance, your team gets more done in less time by transforming paper into digital files they can edit, share and store securely and quickly.

Delivering financial advantage to the bottom line - Nuance-enabled document scanning services stop the inefficiency inherent in paper files and deliver greater productivity, better information management and lower overhead costs.


PDF Collaboration

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PDF Collaboration - While there are many solutions that create PDFs, and a few that turn PDFs back into formatted Office documents, only a few provide complete support for PDF creation, bi-directional conversion and comprehensive PDF editing capabilities. Nuance’s PDF solutions delivers superior PDF creation and conversion, but stand alone as an affordable Acrobat alternative.



Convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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Convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint - Sharing PDF documents can create barriers to productivity, especially if you need to edit or modify the information frozen in a PDF document. The process of manually reproducing PDF documents within Microsoft Word is costly. Nuance delivers PDF solutions that virtually eliminate the costs of reusing information locked in a PDF document.



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