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SpeechAttendant - Your dial by name auto attendant

Voice-driven, highly scalable auto attendant solution that improves communication and business processes


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Dial by name for convenience and productivity

SpeechAttendant® is a voice-driven auto attendant solution that lets callers simply speak the name of a person, department, service or location and be immediately transferred to the right destination – without the hassle of navigating menu options or waiting to waiting to speak with an operator.

"It paid for itself within six months."

-Don Davenport
Director of Information Technology
City of Independence

SpeechAttendant connects to your PBX or IVR and uses Nuance’s advanced speech recognition technologies to deliver an enhanced self-service experience to your customers and rapid ROI to your organization. Organizations can easily route callers through menu-driven options and provide frequently requested information such as operating hours, mailing address, and driving directions to callers.

By offering your callers the convenience and ease of use of a speech-enabled auto attendant system, your organization can improve customer experience, enhance your corporate image, decrease telecommunications costs and increase employee productivity. 

SpeechAttendant is available in two configurations: a complete package which integrates with your PBX and Open SpeechAttendant, a VoiceXML solution for your IVR.

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SpeechAttendant at a glance

  • Enhanced self-service – provide single-number access to services, employees (office and alternate numbers), departments, and more with the power of voice, as well as cost-effective, self-service applications requiring basic call routing
  • Accurate out of the box – leverages an expansive phonetic dictionary that is continuously improved
  • Proven ROI – decrease your IT and telecommunication costs and boost employee productivity
  • Quick to implement – usually within a few days – thanks to Nuance’s innovative product design and structured implementation approach
  • Easy to maintain – using extensive tools for monitoring and analyzing system performance, as well as its corporate directory interface module and over two million pre-tuned names that make moves, additions, and changes fast and simple
  • Industry leading technology
    Fully integrated with Nuance Recognizer and Nuance Vocalizer
  • Unique phonetic dictionary
    2 million+ pre-tuned names with multiple built in pronunciations; dictionary continuously expanded with additions gathered automatically from systems in use worldwide
  • Multi-lingual
    Callers can speak in any language supported by your system regardless of the language used for system prompts
  • Scalable
    Supports up to 400,000 directory listings and unlimited ports
  • Easy integration
    Widest selection of telephony interfaces; seamless integration with your current telephony infrastructure and existing IVR
  • Dynamic call routing
    Different caller applications with separate call flows, menu greetings and prompts don’t require dedicated ports.
    A single SpeechAttendant system can support multiple numbers and locations.

Ideally suited for  • State and local government • Education • Healthcare • Hospitality • Insurance agencies • Law firms • Retail

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