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Optimising performance for better customer service

Implementing a best-in-class customer service solution does not end at go-live. Keep your solutions performing at the highest levels and continue to reap the benefits.

Continuously adapt to your customers’ needs

Your business and your customers are constantly changing. New products, services and marketing campaigns impact why – and how – your customers contact you. Customer expectations of technology solutions are also quickly shifting. So don’t let your customer service solutions fall behind. Stay ahead by continuously evolving and improving.

The benefits

For your customers

The best service experiences rely on solutions that adapt to changing customer needs. By analysing customer behaviour and interactions, Nuance can fine-tune your solutions to meet the latest need.

For your business

Changes to your business and customer expectations can impact the performance of your self-service solutions – and the valuable ROI your business relies on. A continuous improvement initiative will safeguard your ROI and business benefits.

For the future

Continuous improvement programs generate invaluable insight into shifting business and customer needs. Leverage this insight to not only improve your current solution but to continuously plan the direction of your customer service strategy.

How it works

Understand, impact and continuously improve

At Nuance, continuous improvement is engrained in the fabric of our process, and we perform over 200 solution optimisations each year.

It all starts with delivering intelligent customer service solutions that exceed current expectations of your customers and your business. Once launched, we quickly measure baseline performance against business expectations. Next, we perform a deep analysis, identify key opportunities for improvement and deploy enhancements. Finally, a continuous cycle of measurement, analysis and improvement is applied to ensure optimal results over time.

Continuous improvement programs are not just for Nuance-deployed solutions – we can improve the performance of any customer service solution.

Our continuous improvement programs
Snapshot analysis

Quick analysis and readout of current performance against defined KPIs used to identify overall effectiveness and areas that require focus.

Application, solution and agent optimisation

Deep evaluation of solution performance, including user behaviour, trends, vocabulary and knowledge base, plus speech recognition accuracy. A thorough performance report includes opportunities for improvement as the basis for launching enhancements.

Continuous improvement

Programs utilise a combination of snapshot and optimisation cycles over a defined period of time – typically several years – with clear objectives to impact defined business KPIs and meet ROI targets. A governance process is implemented where phases to measure, analyse, recommend and improve are tightly managed to ensure targets are met.

By the numbers

Nuance recently partnered with a top healthcare insurance provider to develop a common IVR solution across their legacy business and a newly acquired insurance provider. Upon launch of the combined speech and natural language customer service IVR solution, we entered into a 3-year continuous improvement program.

Within the first 18 months:


enhancements implemented in 6 separate releases


increase in call containments


reduction in agent-to-agent transfers


saved in contact centre service costs


Data sheet

Solution performance optimisation
Analysis and recommendations for improved user experience and operational efficiencies in your automated contact centre applications.

Case study

Learn about how T-Mobile Germany’s award-winning call center application leverages Nuance speech technology to deliver new levels of customer satisfaction.

The customer experience starts now. Learn how we can help you optimise results with continuous improvement programs.

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