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Safeguard your business with secure printing

63% of businesses admit to having experienced one or more printing-related data breaches. Each breach is potentially harmful in terms of both financial losses and reputation, but implementing secure printing solutions will help to prevent these issues.

Reduce the risk of print-related data breaches

The average office employee prints hundreds of sheets of paper every month. Some of these are likely to be sensitive in nature, and every time such documents are sent to the printer they present a security risk.

Through proper print management and the use of Nuance’s secure printing solutions, you can reduce the risks of print-related data breaches considerably across your whole organisation. Secure printing enables you to keep track of what is being printed where.


Protect your business

A serious print security breach in contravention of data protection laws, such as loss of paper records, can result in hefty fines, as well as potential compensation claims and reputational damage.

Nuance’s security printing solutions will help ensure that you comply with regulations governing sensitive information in your sector, monitor the flow of such data through your organisation, and prevent print-based security breaches before they happen.


Puts organisations in command of their print environments and processes, through user tracking, print quotas and print device management.


Provides secure print solutions for businesses, including user authentication at print terminal and tracking and control of print jobs at an organisation level.

Output Manager

Enables secure information exchange between users and print devices.

Industry solutions

Your business is our expertise

Nuance’s security printing solutions are used widely across the world, and offer benefits to a variety of sectors.


By implementing user authentication at the print device, patient records and other sensitive medical documents will only be released to print when the user is there to pick them up.


Documents handled by law firms frequently contain sensitive information that is not for public consumption. Law firms are seen as being guardians of such information, and any breaches can therefore be disastrous to the organisation’s reputation. Secure printing will help ensure that only those with authorisation view such information.

Financial Services

On a scale of importance from one to five, financial service organisations rated print security as 4.78, indicating that it is of the utmost magnitude. Implementing robust printing services will help keep data secure, and avoid the financial penalties for failing to do so.


At all levels of education, learning institutions are responsible for safeguarding the privacy of their students. That can all be compromised by a print-out that doesn’t get picked up, and Nuance’s secure printing software can eliminate that possibility.



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Case studies

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Take action to protect your organisation today by investing in one of Nuance’s secure printing solutions.


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