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Gain complete control
over your printing

Nuance print management software enables you to control, manage and monitor your entire print environment. All to reduce costs, bolster security and improve ease-of-use.

Discover your new print management partner

Nuance works with businesses and managed print services providers to develop a comprehensive print management solutions strategy. We focus on four key areas: security/authentication, hardware fleet optimization, reducing the cost of consumables and network infrastructure.

Your goals are our goals

Reduce the burden on IT, lower your costs and make printing more efficient. Which in turn makes for a more productive workforce – and a much happier IT staff.

6:1 MFP user‑to‑device ratio

Companies average a 6:1 user‑to‑device ratio, yet MFPs can support up to 30 users

70% MFP related data breaches

70% of companies have experienced a printing-related data breach

Cost savings

Leave no stone unturned

Print costs come from more than ink and paper. Nuance print management solutions can help your company save money and achieve real business value by reducing print waste and non-essential printing, identifying ineffective printers and print servers, and so on.

Calculate your savings


Each print server costs a company on average $6,000 per year to operate

20% wasted print jobs

20% of all print jobs are never picked up


40% of print jobs could use both sides of the sheet

Security & compliance

Leave no document behind

More secure printing shouldn't mean more complicated printing. With Nuance print management software your organization can balance security and control with ease-of-use and convenience.

Data & document security
Security is built in at every step – from submission through to output – thanks to secure data encryption. What’s more, Secure Follow-You Printing ensures that no printed document is ever left unattended at a printer or MFP.

Regulatory compliance and information governance
Our print management solutions help your organization stay compliant for all electronic information and paper documents.

Network security
Integration with Active Directory makes full adherence to your corporate network security standards and processes a breeze.

User authentication
From card readers to network credentials, our software supports common authentication techniques across all printers and MFPs – regardless of type or brand – to work seamlessly with your entire fleet.


Leave no worker unconnected

Workers are more mobile and distributed than ever, and they need to print from any device – smartphones, tablets, laptops – to any printer on the network. Now you can support the growing demands of mobile printing while maintaining complete control over print management. Improve the flexibility of your print infrastructure. Enhance document security on your network. Increase the productivity of your employees. Do all of this while reducing print costs and eliminating waste.

Mobile workers can:
  • Quickly find available printers wherever they’re located
  • Easily print documents from any mobile device to any networked printer or MFP
  • Securely release documents on demand to ensure confidentiality

Find the print management software that’s right for you

Nuance offers a range of options to help your organization gain complete control over your printing.


The world’s most popular print management software for office printing, Equitrac helps you control costs and security while reducing the burden on IT.


Through a modular approach, SafeCom optimizes your imaging and printing environments with improved cost control, security and efficiency.

Output Manager

Ideal for host-based and back-office printing, Output Manager ensures the availability and security of your mission-critical print jobs.

Ready to gain control of your printing?

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