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Gain control of documents to better serve the public

Every organisation is challenged to do more with less. Yet government agencies must provide mission-critical capabilities in the face of fiscal pressures while still equipping personnel with the tools they need. Nuance helps you gain more control of documents and workflows – so everyone works more effectively.

A secure, seamless and efficient solution for your department

How can government balance the critical need for secure, efficient operations with declining budgets and increasing regulations? Through a comprehensive platform for managing documents and workflows – including print management, distributed document scanning and mobile and electronic capture solutions.

Nuance helps your organisation securely streamline and modernise processes while leveraging your existing infrastructure. All of which lowers costs, reduces waste and ensures privacy.

Secure your office – and protect your public – from data breaches


Average organisational cost of a data breach1

4.9M & $4.9B

Number of individuals impacted and size of class action lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense due to data breach of healthcare programme2


Number of data breach incidents in U.S. federal agencies in 20131

  • 1 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States
  • 2 Proofpoint HIPAA Breach Report: An Analysis of HITECH Breach Notifications and Settlements, Q1 2013
Security & compliance

Delivering document security and Information Assurance (IA)

Nuance delivers enhanced information security by protecting content on documents transmitted throughout your office. By enabling centralised control of document output and document capture in a single solution, you can mitigate the risks of data loss and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) exposure while reducing any associated costs.

Our solutions also integrate seamlessly with government smartcard authentication, including Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV). You can provide strict access control in support of government security obligations for employees.

Simple steps to a more secure organisation

Nuance can help your agency implement nine key recommendations – based on common scenarios found in most environments – to address security vulnerabilities of networked multifunction devices (MFDs) and ensure you meet all government regulations and compliance.

To learn more and take a closer look at all nine steps, download the secure MFD white paper

Automated processes

Re-engineer how your department works

Automating business processes for mission-critical operations can reduce expenditures, eliminate inefficient manual activities and improve collaboration across departments. It all starts with the document lifecycle. Nuance Document Government Solutions enable your department to re-engineer document-based processes into automated workflows that are both streamlined and cost effective. All while providing integrated capabilities with government-specific systems, plus commercial products like Microsoft® SharePoint® and OpenText™.

Centralised management

Control starts at the centre point

Nuance server-based software and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows your enterprise architecture team to manage a centralised point of communication between MFDs, users and network scanning and faxing destinations – allowing greater control of document workflows and data transmission.

Assign specific user authentication protocols for greater security.

Collect and store information in a central database for easier management.

Maintain a full audit trail of all documents printed, scanned, emailed and faxed from MFDs for simpler compliance.

Solutions in action

Secure workflows are better workflows

Nuance Document Government Solutions can help address the challenges of manual and paper-based workflows – adding more security, more efficiency and more productivity across your office.

Security made easy

Explore the cost and prevalence of data breaches, how MFDs pose a security threat and the nine steps you can take to address vulnerabilities in network printing, scanning and faxing.

Download secure MFD white paper

Keeping government printing costs in check

Read how Nuance implemented print management to help the U.S. federal government reduce print costs – and explore five recommendations that could help you.

Download print cost containment white paper

American Army best practices for secure network printing, scanning and faxing

Discover how Nuance, in partnership with Ricoh, developed a secure enterprise document distribution solution to implement best practices for secure MFD functions.

Download best practices white paper

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