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Gain control of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI)

Nuance empowers your healthcare organization to streamline electronic and document workflows, delivering the control you need to ensure healthcare document compliance while reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

Go paperless – painlessly

Many hospitals and clinics talk about going paperless. Yet even organizations that have achieved late-stage “Meaningful Use” still process and print high volumes of documents every day. This massive amount of paper is hard to track and costly to manage while posing a serious risk of document compliance breaches. Nuance Document Healthcare Solutions can help you control workflows and enhance security when exchanging patient information. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and eases your team’s paper pains.

Nuance Document Healthcare Solutions can help your organization secure PHI

& print

Receive incoming PHI for:
  • Admission and registration forms
  • Patient and referral forms
  • Internal document requests


Process PHI documents:
  • Like lab results, medical images and X-rays
  • For insurance claims and referral forms
  • Into your EHR


Secure PHI by:
  • Encrypting data
  • Securing smart devices, including mobile
  • Securing workstations (MFPs)
  • Authenticating users
  • Restricting access and use of MFPs


Securely share or print PHI documents like:
  • Patient discharge instructions
  • Test results
  • Prescriptions and e-Prescriptions
  • Billing and insurance information
Security & compliance

Deliver secure PHI and peace of mind

Nuance Document Healthcare Solutions add a layer of security around existing processes, reducing your risk of health insurance and other compliance breaches while simplifying workflows and lowering costs. By truly securing PHI, you’ll deliver peace of mind across your organization and to every patient – at every touchpoint of the information lifecycle.

The importance of secure document workflows

In the US 92,975

HIPAA compliance breaches involving PHI impacted over 29 million patients1


of US companies have experienced a data breach through printing2


average cost of a breach over two years for a healthcare organization in the US3

1 Health Information Privacy Division, 2014
2 Quocirca Research, 2012
3 Ponemon Institute, 2014

Managing PHI

Put in the safeguards to protect PHI

All healthcare organizations must adhere to applicable regulations and deploy best practices based on any and all government regulations/laws/policies. That’s why Nuance Document Healthcare Solutions provide your organization with the administrative, physical and technical safeguards to optimize healthcare document compliance, meet government regulations and ensure PHI privacy in paper and electronic workflows. Here’s how:

Verify user credentials at every device.

Limit access to specific devices, applications and resources to authorized staff only.

File destination control
Monitor and audit PHI in documents to control information before it reaches its intended destination.

Secure output
Securely print, capture and convert any document from leading EHR providers.

Encrypt communications between smart devices (such as MFPs), servers and destinations to protect PHI.

Audit trails
Track all smart device activities so you know who printed or scanned each document – plus when and where that activity occurred.

Content-based filtering
Prevent confidential data loss and unsecured PHI from leaving your organization by filtering outbound communications and intercepting documents.

Seamless integration

Accelerate adoption to boost compliance

As with all healthcare IT initiatives, ease-of-use and adoption are key to success. Nuance enhances security and compliance without disruption thanks to intuitive, role-based, automated workflows that integrate seamlessly with the systems and platforms your teams use every day. Plus, our healthcare solutions have been found compliant with major applicable standards.

Collect printed documents with PHI at any device using existing HID cards

Scan directly to and print from EHR, ECM and other endpoints from any device

Easily convert PDF and other files to Microsoft Office documents

Access and share PHI with your smart devices

Cost savings

Control your bottom line

Paper and manual workflows don’t just slow patient care and pose compliance risks. They also hit the bottom line, with costs that go beyond consumables like ink and paper. Rely on Nuance for document and electronic workflow solutions designed to optimize your devices, improve efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership.

Reduce print volumes by as much as 30% and dramatically decrease the number of devices you need to manage.

Create, convert, edit and secure critical documents with our PDF software.

Control and automate manual workflows to reduce the risks and potential costs of a regulatory compliance breach.

Solutions in action

Better workflows across your organization

Nuance Document Healthcare Solutions help address the challenges of manual and paper-based workflows – adding more security, more efficiency and more productivity across your entire organization.

Admissions & discharge

The patient experience begins with admissions and ends with discharge – and so does your requirement to secure PHI.

Read admissions & discharge solution profile

Point of care

By sharing PHI at the point of care, you can improve clinical decision-making, reduce errors and produce better outcomes.

Read point of care solution profile

Exchange of PHI

Add a layer of security and control to paper-based and electronic processes to ensure health insurance document compliance at every step.

Read exchange of PHI solution profile

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