Improve your control over workflows and client expenses

Nuance Document Legal Solutions are simple and secure – and designed to handle your firm’s biggest challenges. Get case and client expense management workflows that really work.

When workflows work well, your firm works better

Most law firms handle a staggering volume of documents. Whether you’re preparing for discovery, collaborating with associates or filing with the court, every document must be processed accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively. Nuance delivers secure, integrated legal document workflow and cost recovery solutions to help you simplify expense management, streamline systems, improve compliance and increase productivity. That’s how workflows work well.

Legal workflows

Solve your most difficult legal document workflow challenges

Designed for the challenges your firm faces every day, Nuance Document Legal Solutions optimize legal workflows by smartly integrating cost recovery, simplifying complex tasks – and simply making life easier for your increasingly mobile workforce. Here’s how:

Comprehensive platform with single sign-on

Streamline legal document management and print processes with a single platform to copy and scan, store and share, print and track – from desktop to mobile, and across the world.

Consolidated systems for stronger cost recovery

Centralize your print, capture and cost recovery systems to create one robust solution that reduces IT spend while raising profitability.

Consistent user interface to boost productivity

Encourage user adoption, enforce firm governance policies and enhance productivity with a dynamic, intuitive interface that’s consistent across all access points.

Expense management

Keep track of your true costs

Whether your clients are on billable hour or alternative fee arrangements, Nuance Document Legal Solutions seamlessly track client expenses and make sure you know what your true costs are. All integrated within your workflows. All to reduce print and IT costs. And all to optimize expenses and revenues.

Security & compliance

is not a solution

From court filing to client billing, strict compliance is the only kind of compliance. Our extensive solutions portfolio eliminates the risk of confidential documents or privileged information falling into the wrong hands by ensuring:

  • No unsecured print jobs are abandoned in the MFP output tray
  • All scanned documents are automatically and securely delivered to the correct indexed destination
  • Print output is optimized to route documents to the most cost-effective device
  • Billable recoveries are maximized
  • Confidential information is redacted completely – and easily
  • Electronic court filing is streamlined – and simplified
Intuitive solutions

Manage your legal document lifecycle with ease

Legal workflows work best when when the team finds the process easy. Nuance solutions are based on natural, intuitive interactions to deliver an efficient, productive experience. Plus, cross-platform compatibility allows seamless deployment into any back-end system and across all MFPs, printers, desktops and mobile devices. So you can streamline processes and eliminate security gaps across the full spectrum of workflows – and the entire lifecycle of a document.

A comprehensive solution for your entire workflow
Legal - Intuitive Solutions compatibility chart

IT consolidation

Consolidate your systems for consistency

Separate cost recovery and document workflow solutions erode productivity, erase profitability and cost more to maintain. Nuance’s single platform blends these critical functions to consolidate your systems and centralize administration while creating a consistent user experience from desktop to tablet, and to scan centre.

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