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Nuance Mobile OEM Toolkit

Unleash the power of mobile devices.

Nuance's patented mobile applications allow people to access information, create messages, and control mobile devices all with the power of voice and advanced text input.

The benefits

 la carte options

Choose from a variety of features from text-to-speech and text input applications to full voice control; you decide your customers' mobile experience.

Intelligent features

With Nuance's powerful speech and touch technology, amplify the mobile experience for your customers giving them full command and control.

Easy implementation

Customizable and comprehensive framework that enables easy implementation of speech and touch utilities into mobile handset-based or network dependent applications, services and content.

Our Solutions

Network Search and Dictation

Leverage the power of the cloud to handle open-ended dictation and search, allowing you to speak text anywhere and everywhere a text field is present.

Natural Language Understanding: Device Control

Speak naturally and be understood. Say goodbye to rigid gate commands, and hello to a more natural mobile experience. NLU (Natural Language Understanding) marks a generational leap in the mobile content experience to pick up where search leaves off, not only hearing what people are searching for, but it understands what they want.

Expressive Text-to-Speech

The next generation of TTS (text-to-speech) offering superior output quality, enhanced multilingual capabilities, and a greater degree of expressivity.

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Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE)

Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) is a suite of technologies that work together to remove noise from microphone input and send out a cleaner signal.

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Wakeup Word

Wakeup your application just by using a personalized keyword the system is always listening for, such as “Hey Dragon”.

Hybrid Command & Control

A voice command and control system capable of running entirely on your mobile phone and tapping into the power of the cloud; allowing for voice-based access to your phone’s core features and services.

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Embedded Voice Biometrics (Dragon ID)

Use your voice to unlock your mobile phone. No need to memorize tricky password, just use the power of your voice.

Embedded Dictation

Dragon Dictation, the world famous speech recognition engine can be embedded into almost any device. The power and flexibility of Dragon Dictation speech recognition anywhere and everywhere you happen to be!

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Text Input Solutions

Nuance's T9® product portfolio includes an array of applications that leverage patented predictive text technology to make it faster and easier to enter text on mobile and consumer electronic devices.

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Nuance Mobile OEM Toolkit

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