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Businesses and organisations need to keep workers connected and productive wherever they go. Business Connect makes it easy to fully manage, integrate and extend business processes to a highly mobile workforce: capture and submit documents and images, improve the quality of field-collected data, access files and securely print documents wherever, whenever.

Any business process, anywhere your workforce goes

Nuance makes extending business processes to your mobile workforce intuitive, easy and secure. With Business Connect, remote workers can send documents, photographs and electronic files directly to core business applications from any mobile device. They can access files and complete forms on the go, and securely print sensitive documents on demand to network printers right from their mobile device. And it’s all seamlessly integrated into your organisation’s security infrastructure and protocols.


A complete mobile solution, for a completely mobile workforce

Nuance Business Connect Solutions compatibility chart
Capture on-the-go

Capture business information right where it happens

Mobile devices have become business-critical tools since workers see and collect huge amounts of information on their smartphones and tablets. With Business Connect you can securely deliver that information back into your business processes. Whether it’s photos, eSignatures and eForms, or files from mobile or cloud-based applications, any information can easily be integrated into a workflow with the Business Connect workforce management application, thus improving efficiency and saving time and costs.

Richer information tells a more complete story

Bar code scanning

Business Connect turns any mobile device into a barcode scanner to speed up workflows and improve data accuracy. Populate eForm fields instantaneously with accurate data pulled right from the company’s database.


Keep business on track with signatures that are electronically captured and sent from smart devices. Users can sign directly on screen to authorise procedures, get approvals or validate information on the go.


Gain a deeper level of understanding by knowing where information is collected. Business Connect lets you gather location coordinates automatically, or request it as needed, to audit mobile workforces or validate where work was performed.

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Mobile eforms

Paper forms, without the paper... or the mistakes

Eliminate the need to find, print, carry and return paper forms. With Business Connect, mobile eForms can be constructed to fit your workers’ needs and published in minutes. Cut data entry time with its intelligent user interface which includes date pickers, dropdown lists and lookup fields. Data is instantly validated by business applications, directly from within the form.

Secure mobile file access

Accessing files and keeping them in the business process

Mobile workers need to access critical documents securely to deliver them back into business processes or content management systems – without increasing business risk. Business Connect’s “MyFiles” connects workers to their networked Home Directory, other shared folders, and even SharePoint, anywhere, while maintaining existing corporate security infrastructure and IT policies. No need for unsecured storage devices or third-party, cloud-based storage services.


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Enabling your mobile workforce

Enhancing field work

Cut costs with mobile e-forms

Speed adminstrative tasks

Case studies

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