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Paper is no longer fit for purpose

The UK Government's directive to move from paper to paperless by 2018 is driving rapid investment by Healthcare Providers in Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Well-documented and accurate medical records are a fundamental part of delivering quality healthcare, your voice plays a vital role to achieve this and Nuance goal is to enable you to keep up with this challenge.

5 reasons to speech-enable the EHR


Speech-enable your EHR!

patientfile Challenge: How can healthcare organisations ensure all clinicians document care quickly and accurately when accessing their EHRs in virtualised environments, while reducing the IT administrative costs of supporting front-end speech? Clinician Solution: Dragon® Medical 360 | Network Edition is a leading front-end speech recognition solution for provider organisations that creates a dramatically improved physician experience, saving physicians 30 minutes or more of documentation time per day.


Benefits 3some DMNE


For developers: Embed advanced speech services into your clinical IT-solution!

Nuance allows you to embed advanced speech functionalities into your clinical applications by delivering network-based, secure speech services and client-side software via its 360 | Development Platform components:

Choose 360 | SpeechMagic SDK to deeply embed state-of-the-art speech recognition capabilities into their application with the utmost flexibility, such as: digital dictation, front-end speech recognition, backend speech recognition, workflow, transcription, correction, command and control or embed secure cloud-based front-end speech recognition capabilities in a question of days with 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services.

Register at to deploy the full potential of cloud-based 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services in your clinical application.

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Let´s enable every team linked to the EHR process and correct, detailed and quick capturing and communication of important patient data:


Dragon Medical 360 | eScription:
raise medical transcription productivity
  • Advanced background speech recognition
  • Little to no impact on clinicians’ working routine
  • Efficient editing and transcription management
  • Increased medical secretaries’ productivity
  • Allows integration with PowerScribe® 360
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PowerScribe 360 | Reporting:
streamline the diagnostic report delivery cycle
  • Leading-edge technology for capturing and communicating results
  • Works seamlessly with RIS/PACS solutions
  • Streamlines the reporting delivery cycle
  • Enables critical test results management
  • Speech recognition, peer review, data capture, multi-site workflow, and structured reporting in a single solution.
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition:
the perfect solution for GPs and Practices
  • The desktop front-end, real-time speech recognition solution
  • Dictate anywhere in your EHR and accelerate adoption
  • Save clinicians 30 minutes or more a day
  • Powerful specialty and subspecialty vocabularies
  • Optimized for the medial use case as compared with non-medical Dragon editions
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Speech-enable the EHR
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition

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Medical Transcription Productivity Solution
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

The Diagnostic Reporting Solution
PowerScribe 360 | Reporting

The perfect solution for GPs and Practices
Dragon Medical Practice Edition

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