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PowerScribe 360 | Reporting

Powerful Diagnostic Reporting with Flexibility for the Radiologist

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is a powerful radiology reporting platform that combines speech recognition technology, peer review, data capture, multi-site workflow, and structured reporting in a single solution.

Using the award-winning Dragon Medical speech recognition engine, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is more accurate than ever before, with up to 99% accuracy out of the box, benefiting from advanced adaptation techniques. More accuracy means less editing with PowerScribe 360 | Reporting.

Dictation styles

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting offers four primary dictation styles to accommodate individual doctor dictation preferences. Radiologists can switch between dictation styles on a report-by-report basis if desired. Options include:

•  Speech Recognition with delegated editing
A combination of front-end speech recognition with transcription/correction workflow. Radiologists do not edit their own reports; instead, their speech-recognised draft report is forwarded to a transcriptionist for correction and formatting.

•  Real-time Speech Recognition with Self-editing for nearly instant turnaround time (tat)
Real-time speech recognition that allows radiologists to view text as it is dictated. Edit using speech recognition, keyboard, mouse, or a combination thereof - voice commands and microphone controls are used to correct and navigate through the document.

•  Real-time Speech Recognition with auto-loading Macros
Macros may be mapped to procedure codes and can be triggered by patient age and gender modifiers. Users can voice-navigate standard text blocks, numeric fields, and pick lists - all of which are fully voice-editable.

•  Real-time Speech Recognition with auto-structured Reporting
Auto-structured reporting eliminates the need for the doctors to follow the structured format of a macro, while the application automatically structures report content using conventional structured macros.


Designed for all users

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting has robust workflows that map to the specific users’ daily routine, including consultants, fellows, registrars, technologists, transcriptionists, front-desk users, administrators, and more. This means that consultants and registrars can now create higherquality documentation in less time. In addition to workflow enhancements that are based on user roles, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting includes new workflows such as Wet Read functionality that allows Emergency Department doctors, overnight registrars, and others to create “pre draft” dictations for off-hour preliminary reporting.

Integrated peer review

Integrated with a quality assurance program, PowerScribe 360 Peer Review can automate quality improvement initiatives in your department or practice. The consultant can evaluate prior reports while viewing and interpreting images via automated prompting or manual invocation using a standardised four-point rating scale (or facility-customised descriptions) with clinical significance indicators. The final Quality Assurance (QA) data can be reviewed, managed and exported from the PowerScribe 360 Administrator Portal.

Key features

•  Dragon® Medical intuitive reporting and user interface.
•  Multi-site RIS/PACS workflow management.
•  Advanced macro capabilities and voicedriven navigation.
•  Integrated peer review.
•  Integrated clinical content for point-of-care knowledge access.
•  Custom data capture and extraction tools.
•  Flexible Web Services API for searching, updating, and retrieving data from the reporting platform.
•  Enhanced web-based administrator and end-user portal.


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