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Head of Radiology

Saving time and enhancing productivity

Benefits for the Head of Radiology

As a head of radiology, the reporting and communication needs of your department are growing in number and complexity - reducing costs, enhancing radiologist productivity, analysing outcomes, tracking productivity, managing process compliance, understanding the operational aspects of your practice, improving the communication offindings, increasing referring doctor satisfaction and improving overall patient care.

You may ask yourself

The Nuance Healthcare Offering

Speech Recognition Solutions for Radiology

360 | SpeechMagic SDK: An information capturing platform which enables healthcare IT system providers to integrate seamlessly digital dictation and speech recognition in their solutions.
PowerScribe 360 | Reporting: Real-time speech recognition for diagnostic reporting.

Market Leadership

Today, thousands of hospitals, clinics, and group practices and hundred thousands of healthcare providers, use professional speech recognition by Nuance to transform the high cost of medical reporting to a low cost high-quality process, for increased doctor productivity and better care, through easier, more immediate access to electronic patient information.

  • 3,500 healthcare organisations
  • 450,000 clinicians
  • Improved medical secretaries productivity
  • Increased clinician efficiency
  • Partnerships with major healthcare IT vendors

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Head of Radiology

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