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Primary Care Practices

Because big challenges come in primary care practices

Benefits for Doctor's Practices

As a primary care practice, you’re trying to…
… run a small business, maximise efficiency and productivity, keep doctors happy and patients safe, ensure compliance and avoid malpractice.

You may ask yourself

Dragon Medical

Reduce practice costs

Dragon® Medical eliminates transcription costs. With speech recognition, doctors generate “once and done” documentation, dictating, editing and reviewing in one step – and reducing dramatically the time they spend documenting care. With Dragon Medical, transcription expense is a thing of the past.

Increase doctor productivity

Dragon Medical offers a faster, more efficient way for medical professionals to create medical records, medical correspondence or email messages. They turn voice into text three times faster than most people type, with up to 99% accuracy using virtually any Windows®-based EHR.

Improve accuracy

The vocabularies in Dragon Medical cover nearly 80 medical specialities and sub-specialities.

Accelerate EHR adoption

Dragon Medical makes EHRs easy to use by reducing significantly the number of mouse clicks and typing required by clinicians to document care. Dragon Medical products are the only members of the Dragon family that support dictation directly into an EHR.

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Primary care practices

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