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Meeting the QIPP challenge with speech recognition

QIPP: Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention

QIPP is working at a national, regional and local level to support clinical teams and NHS organisations to improve the quality of care while making efficiency savings that can be reinvested in the service to deliver year on year quality improvements.

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Meet the QIPP challenge

See how speech recognition fits perfectly in a number of initiatives created by the NHS to meet the financial challenge, and how the Nuance speech recognition portfolio will prove to be one of the doctors’ best allies in supporting the NHS to achieve the combined goal of reducing costs and increasing quality of care.
Nuance’s speech-enabled solutions support your QIPP compliance efforts…

  • With an EHR powered by speech recognition, cost effective delivery of care is substantially improved. Patient notes dictated using speech recognition are often more complete. Patient throughput volume is increased, as doctors can see more patients and get home in time for dinner, with paperwork completed before they leave the hospital.

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Government Compliance

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