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The power of your voice

Patient care just got even more efficient and effective.

Capture the patient’s story quickly, conveniently and easily with your voice


How can clinicians efficiently document patient care in their own words, spending less time typing or clicking inside their EHR?

How can healthcare leaders and managers do more with less whilst still meeting targets for document turnaround times, quality outcomes and improving the patient experience?

Replace your digital dictation and tedious typing equipment with a tool as easy as your voice! Introduce speech recognition as a new input method and get instant benefits for the physician, the patient and the healthcare provider organization. Nuance Healthcare 360 Solutions & Services help you to increase clinician satisfaction, accelerate EHR uptake and adoption, improve financial performance and raise the quality of care by enabling speech recognition in your workflow.

Capture the entire patient story, anywhere, anytime, on any device in your clinical workflow, your clinical systems, integrated into your current processes. Understand the meaning and convert the patient story into actionable data by identifying important facts from unstructured data. Use the data any way you need to across the enterprise, adapting that data into whatever electronic system you've chosen to use.

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The role of speech recognition in healthcare

A white paper addressing the critical role of speech recognition technology in the future of healthcare.

What do your peers from all around the world say about speech recognition?

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Meaningful Use of EHR

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