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Patient Safety

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Patient Safety

Improving patient safety is one of the main goals of the QIPP initiative.  Every step of the care process is an opportunity to enhance patient safety. By deploying solutions that ensure that findings and treatment plans are clearly documented and communicated, patient safety is ensured. By eliminating inconsistency and expediting treatment, by providing more informed care, ensuring QIPP compliance and supporting detailed outcome analysis, patient safety is ensured. Inexorably linked to efficient processes, patient safety will also be improved through faster distribution of clinical documenation to healthcare providers.

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Improve Patient Safety

Nuance’s speech-recognition solutions offer doctors the most efficient way to document care and ensure that time-critical findings are delivered to the right staff at the right time. More complete, personalised patient records mean fewer adverse events. Nuance solutions improve patient safety by making it easier to improve clinical documentation.

Because we understand how much your work and patient safety depend on accurate information, we always strive to find ways to facilitate every type of reporting use case.

360 | SpeechAnywhere Services is a new set of cloud- and network-based web services for secure speech capabilities. 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services brings speech recognition to mobile healthcare IT computing as well as traditional desktop and thin clients. 360 | SpeechMagic SDK incorporates various modules, all of which reflect our sole motivation and goal: providing you with professional speech recognition technology that speeds up your medical reporting while offering high flexibility to customise it to your individual needs. Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition:  Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is a ready-to-use, ClickOnce cloud-based desktop solution enabling the use of innovative Nuance medical speech recognition technology wherever and whenever you want, available in 22 languages. With Dragon Medical, doctors dictate directly into the EHR in their own words, then review and sign medical records in one step. The result is documentation that is more accurate and complete, communicated more quickly to referring clinicians and patients alike. PowerScribe 360 | Reporting: Real-time speech recognition for diagnostic reporting.

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Patient Safety

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