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Doctor Satisfaction

Doctor satisfaction is achieved when the documentation burden is significally decresead or eliminated and the valuable time in the clinic can be spent giving patients care instead of handling administration. Speech recognition solutions can help by streamlining clinical documentation to save time, supporting doctor documentation preferences and improving care. 

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Increase doctor satisfaction

Given a choice, doctors would choose caring for patients over documenting their care. Nuance increases doctor satisfaction with speech recognition solutions that:

  • Allow doctors to document their way – and still save time: 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services brings speech recognition to mobile healthcare IT computing as well as traditional desktop and thin clients. An integration with360 | SpeechMagic SDK enables hospitals to choose between front-end and backgend recognition, with whichever workflow is prefered. Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition:  Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is a ready-to-use, ClickOnce cloud-based desktop solution enabling the use of innovative Nuance medical speech recognition technology wherever and whenever you want. For doctors who prefer a more hands-on approach, Dragon® Medical front-end speech recognition allow them to dictate directly into their EHRs in their own words, for instant reviewing, signing and posting.
    Support smarter testing, faster results: PowerScribe® can help reduce radiology report turnaround by more than 80% and provide more consistent final interpretations.
    Improve the quality of doctors’ lives: Time savings as a result of speech recognition solutions give clinicians more time to spend with patients during the day, resulting in less need to document from home at night.


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Doctor Satisfaction

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