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Diagnostic Reporting

Diagnostic Reporting

Nuance Healthcare’s speech recognition solutions simplify report completion and communication, reducing turnaround time and transcription cost. Dictate and self-edit or create a speech-assisted draft for medical secretaries to edit. Interpret cases for one site or several – the workflow choice is yours.


 What we offer

Nuance Diagnostic Reporting Solutions

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Nuance Healthcare's flexible speech recognition reporting solutions integrate easily into existing radiology environments and workflows, including those with leading PACS and RIS systems. The solutions include:

  • PowerScribe 360 | Reporting ®: allows radiologists to create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before.
  • 360 | SpeechMagic SDK: An information capturing platform which enables healthcare IT system providers to integrate seamlessly digital dictation and speech recognition in their solutions, including leading PACS and RIS systems.



Market Leadership

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When you partner with Nuance Healthcare Solutions, you know you are working with the proven leader in speech-driven clinical documentation and communication solutions, backed by Nuance expertise to ensure your success.

The new radiology speech-enabled reporting platform PowerScribe 360 combines speech recognition technology, peer review, data capture, multi-site workflow, and structured reporting in a single solution, providing real-time speech recognition and dictation, transcription and correction workflow, printing, faxing, coding, peer review, integrated clinical content, and extensive administrative tools.

Deeply integrated into your radiology solution, SpeechMagic is a natural feature of your radiology reporting and communications process, simplifying report completion and communication, reducing turnaround time and transcription cost.

What customers say

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“We have 175 concurrent licenses of the new system in the Trust’s radiology departments, including radiologists, reporting radiographers and ultrasonographers. The SpeechMagic™ system by Nuance allows each of them to log in, dictate, validate and submit reports, whenever they need to.”
Lynne Gathercole, Radiology IT Systems Manager at NHS Leeds Teaching Hospitals

“The recognised text is the final report, because the SpeechMagic system is so accurate. More than half of the reports need no correction at all, it’s got it word-perfect. I’ll press authorise and the report is gone – totally finished. I never have to revisit it again.”
Melanie Hiorns, Consultant Radiologist and Chair of Radiology, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust (GOSH) in London

"24 hours turnaround time is an enormous delay. The back and forth between doctor and secretary interrupted and delayed the workflow. Report, sign off, authorise and move on to the next examination – that is my logic. Reports are turned around in a few minutes, never longer than an hour. It does phenomenally well in recognising the radiology vocabulary. Even on days where I use it with a terrible cold, and background noise.”
Dr. James Bell, Consultant Radiologist at the Wellington Hospital, HCA London


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Diagnostic Reporting

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