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Data capture solutions in healthcare

Boost your digital dictation

Optimize your digital dictation workflow with advanced speech-to-text capabilities

Medical speech recognition

Accurately document patient information in your EHR at the point of care.

Fast radiology reporting

Create diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before.

Development ecosystem

Embed voice technology in your clinical applications across platforms.

We make it easy and fast to update your electronic patient records

Speech recognition solutions allow doctors and nurses to capture and document patient data quickly and more accurately, saving them time, and improving the quality of the care record and speeding up Healthcare document management turn-around times.

See how our
health data capture system
works in action

Well-documented and accurate medical records are a fundamental part of delivering quality healthcare.
Nuance Healthcare provides you with comprehensive data entry solutions for hospitals, clinics and
primary care organisations. It improves your experience in health data management,
saving 30 minutes or more of documentation time per day.

Read the Clinical Documentation Challenge Report


Health data management is more efficient with speech recognition technology

You can enter and capture data and update the electronic patient record without losing time on any device.

  Keyboard entry Speech-to-text

Avoid mistakes with solutions that recognise clinical vocabulary and adapt to your voice, style of speaking and accent.


Studies1) show that speech-to-text can save clinicians & nurses significant time in their day.


Ease of use
A simple, natural, intuitive tool to updating your EPR.


Update the record anywhere, anytime
Clinicians can capture the patient story wherever they are, on any device.


Quality of care
Ability to capture a more complete, accurate patient story supports better clinical decision making.


Broken foot or something more serious?

Structured data alone isn’t enough to understand a patient’s unique story. Our solutions include a Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) engine, which combines both narrative and structured data from EHR to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Narrative Data

The patient is a 74-year-old female who presents with a complaint of fall, she woke up this morning and had a donut for breakfast instead of her usual cheese bagel, while eating breakfast she heard the phone ringing in the upstairs bedroom. She ran upstairs to get it. She felt dizzy and fell down the stairs and broke her left foot.

Structured Data
  • The occurrence was one hour prior to arrival
  • The course of pain is constant
  • Location of pain: Left foot
  • Location of bleeding: None
  • Assessment: Broken Left Foot

See how our speech recognition solutions for healthcare data capture benefit you

From start to finish, our solutions can help you improve patient care, support hospital productivity and
efficiency and make the working day of healthcare professional better.

Quickly capture the patient story, anywhere, anytime, on any device in your EPR and other clinical systems. Achieve more accurate patient records at the point of care to support better clinical decision making and care quality.

Two recent studies show that clinicians spend over 50% of their time on clinical documentation, and how medical speech-to-text software can help save valuable time (an independent university clinical trial measures 26% on documentation speed) and collect more data.

“Now that we can capture the ‘story’ of our treatment, the patient record is much richer and more meaningful during handovers to colleagues.” More from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

The NHS in England is facing an unprecedented financial challenge following the longest period of constrained funding that it has ever faced. It is widely acknowledged that the NHS is facing a funding gap of £30 billion by 2020/21, with £8billion promised by the Government by 2020/21 and a further £22 billion expected to come from efficiency savings. (The state of NHS finances and the £22bn efficiency challenge)

Read Studies have shown that doctors and nurses can spend up to 50% of their day on clinical documentation processes rather than with patients. Nuance Healthcare can help you alleviate clinical documentation workload on healthcare professionals. Allowing the NHS workforce to get back to delivering patient care while at the same time improving the quality of clinical documentation and reducing turn-around of letters, referrals and discharge notes.

Healthcare has always been based on the doctor-patient interaction but as the adoption of electronic patient records increases the administration burden for the doctor associated with the capture, understanding and sharing of the data can get in the way of maintaining the doctor patient relationship and capture of the whole patient story. Nuance Healthcare helps clinicians document the patient’s story quickly, convenientlyand easily with voice increasing speed and navigation of the EHR.

“Thirty minutes extra per day = one minute extra per routine patient seen, or three extra emergency patients dealt with, or six conversations with partners and staff, or perhaps time to sit down for lunch!” (Nuance Healthcare Survey, 2014 of NHS clinicians “What would you do with an extra 30 minutes per day?”)

Nuance Healthcare Professional Services

We understand that delivering a successful clinical documentation outcome extends beyond the core technology. An organisation’s people, process, and technology all must be aligned to recognize maximum value from the program to ensure that your clinical documentation implementation is optimized for the unique characteristics of your environment.

Nuance provides a full set of Professional Services designed to help you operationalise the technology more effectively. Using best practices developed over decades of experience and thousands of deployments, Nuance Healthcare Professional Services customizes its approach to meet your organizational requirements at every stage of each implementation efficiency and make the working day of healthcare professional better.

The front-end speech recognition workflow solution works seamlessly with your enterprise’s EHR. It enables easy, centralized management for users, user groups, and user options -and a dramatically improved clinician experience.

Speak Freely

Clinicians and nurses can dictate, edit, and voice-navigate while running an EHR in any virtualized environment. Dragon Medical Network Edition supports custom vocabularies and delivers continuous learning and profile adaptation.

Be Happy

Our embedded voice recognition tools were made for the EHR. Literally. In fact, we make the clinical narrative so fast, so accurate, and so seamless that healthcare professionals experience substantially greater satisfaction.

Save Time

The clinical workforce uses Dragon Medical Network Edition to dictate progress notes, assessments and plans directly into EHR software and saving themselves at least 30 minutes of documentation time each day whilst enriching the patient record.

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The front-end, speech recognition desktop solution optimised for GPs, practices and mid-sized user groups. Distributed via a network of certified Nuance partners, who makes sure you get the most out of it!

Speak Freely

Dictate, edit, and voice-navigate your desktop and update the patient record, navigate the web or write emails – all just speaking freely!

Be Happy

It features a high out-of-the-box recognition rate and combined with its productivity features including formatting, templates and medical command sets, help you take off administration burden from everyone!

Save Time

Dragon Medical Practice Edition releases everyone in the practice from mundane day-to-day administration. It frees people up to focus on what matters most – the patients and on the level of service the practice can offer them.

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Streamline the diagnostic report delivery cycle with leading-edge technology for capturing and communicating results.

  • Works seamlessly with RIS/PACS solutions
  • Enables critical test results management
  • Supports peer review, multi-site workflow and structured reporting

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