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HIM Solutions for the VA

Improved Health Information Management for the Veteran’s Administration, improved care for America’s veterans

HIM Solutions for the VA

Today’s complex and evolving compliance requirements call for a coding application that provides critical clinical, financial, and regulatory information essential for accurate reimbursement – and a record management solution to deal with it.
Nuance Healthcare’s Health Information Management (HIM) solutions improve HIM and revenue cycle processes, by providing documentation analysis; coding education; automated chart deficiency; and correspondence tracking,

Automated Chart Deficiency Tracking

VA Chart Complete: A simple yet powerful record management system that helps VA medical centers complete records in a timely manner. 

Coding and Billing Management

Encoder Product Suite: A seamlessly integrated coding, compliance, billing, and workflow solution that provides an intelligent, comprehensive approach to VA inpatient and outpatient data management technology for the HIMS, billing, utilization review, accounts receivable, and compliance departments. 

Encoder Product Suite-Central Reporting (EPS-CR): Centralized reporting of the VA medical centers’ Encoder Product Suite (EPS) data to support coding timeliness and accuracy. 

Physician Query Creation and Monitoring

Physician Query Tracking: A customized physician query generation, tracking and reporting solution 

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Veterans Affairs Clinical Documentation Improvement (VA CDI Pro): Helps the VA improve inpatient clinical documentation and facilitates gathering pertinent clinical documentation to accurately represent patients’ severity, acuity, and risk of mortality 

ICD-10 Readiness Education

ICD-10 Countdown Program: Services and solutions to help you maintain productivity and plan for the transition to ICD-10.

Improved VERA Funding

Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation (VERA) Optimization Service: Ensures equitable funding of healthcare services provided in a VA facility. 

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HIM Solutions for the VA

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