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Boost your digital dictation

Optimize your digital dictation workflow with advanced speech-to-text capabilities

Medical speech recognition

Accurately document patient information in your EHR at the point of care.

Fast radiology reporting

Create diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before.

Development ecosystem

Embed voice technology in your clinical applications across platforms.

Putting voice at the heart of better medicine

Spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping patients. Nuance industry-leading speech recognition solutions are designed to improve clinical workflow efficiency and fit the way your healthcare organisation works.

Features & benefits

Dragon Medical solutions helps you and patient

Medical speech recognition solutions improve clinical documentation and patient experience in clinics.

What is medical speech recognition?

Medical speech recognition allows clinicians to relay a patient’s care narrative verbally, and have it transcribed directly into the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Record verbal care narratives directly to the EHR

Nuance’s medical speech recognition solutions allow doctors to speak directly into the patient record, recognising medical language, vocabulary and converting the dictated narrative into formatted text output.

Streamline the healthcare data entry process

No need to wait for your dictations to be transcribed, or type and click yourself. Use superior speech recognition productivity tools from Nuance including templates, macros and medical commands to shorten report turnaround time, and enrich your patient record.

In the clinic or on the move

Use Nuance’s medical speech recognition solutions on a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or dictation station, and share between all devices simultaneously.

Seamless integration

Our Dragon Medical software packages work with all major EHR platforms, including Cerner, McKesson, InterSystems, MEDITECH or Primary Care EPRs of TTP or EMIS.

Speed up the data capture process

Clinicians are able to freely dictate the health data into the patient record, 3-4 times faster than typing , and with Dragon Medical they can add both structured data and narrative data to deepen and enhance the care record.

Find Medical Speech Recognition solutions that fit your needs

For GPs and small

Enable clinicians to document care in their own words with an easy-to-use front-end solution for desktop and mobile.

See Dragon Medical Practice Edition

For departments and
hospital sites

Ensure all clinicians across your network can quickly and accurately to document care into the EHR.

See Dragon Medical Network Edition

Custom solutions to capture your narrative

As a leader in the industry, we have the expertise and partnerships to create custom end-to-end solution to meet the needs of your team.

Learn more

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Capture the whole patient story in real-time

Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows you to quickly record the complete patient story at the point of care, so you can get back to the art of practicing medicine.

Speech Recognition Software – Dragon Medical Practice Edition for general practice
Designed for GP practices and small user groups

Dragon Medical releases everyone in the practice from mundane day-to-day administration. Distributed via local Nuance certified partners, who make it easy for you to get started!

Record patient care notes in no time

Record medical notes verbally with a superior accuracy rate, using medical vocabulary, just as you would with a colleague.

Three quarters of practice teams (76%) spend over half their time doing patient documentation

EHR compatibility and intuitive interface

Record directly from voice to text in the EHR and many other medical applications, including RIS, PACS, A&E or Pathology lab systems.

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Successfully balance care and cost

Download product sheet

Clinicians save 30 minutes or more a day

Improve care efficiency and quality

Support efficient budgeting

Dragon Medical Network Edition

Empower clinicians and increase EHR usage

Dragon Medical Network Edition allows you to embed speech recognition capabilities into your EHR to improve clinician experience and improve your ROI.

Speech Recognition Software - Dragon Medical Network Edition

Medical speech recognition that communicates easily with existing workflows, and is compatible with all common EHR platforms.


Dragon Medical Network Edition supports security compliance to protect patient data confidentiality.

Cost and time-efficient

A scalable solution for reducing time spent on recording medical notes, thereby improving care quality and efficiency. Clinicians can save more than an hour a day on patient documentation.

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Clinicians win,
hospitals win

Download product sheet

Physicians save 30 minutes or more of documentation time a day

Supports efficient budgeting

Custom solutions

Let us tailor a solution to meet your needs

Used by 10,000 healthcare institutions worldwide and with 300+ global HIT vendor integrations, Nuance has the experience needed to build custom solutions that meet your use case requirements based on:

Breaking through obstacles

A number of key obstacles prevented care givers in the past from adopting medical speech recognition and receiving its benefits.

We’ve worked hard to make this technology easier to adopt, more user friendly and cost effective, so that healthcare professionals can spend their time to on what matters most– caring for patients.

Change for better

Moving from paper to digital involves changing habits and workflows. Nuance’s solutions are easy to use, and come with intuitive ‘smart configuration’ features.

Clinicians can capture voice narratives from within existing software applications, with support for multiple applications, email clients and input devices – at your workstation or mobile.

Most valuable: time & money

A recent research shows that the NHS medical workforce spends up to 50% of their day on documentation related processes.

Cut this down by up to 2 hours a day, and directly impact your employee and patient satisfaction level and budgets.

To speak with a representative today about a custom end-to-end solution, call +44 7887 051154

Let us answer your questions to find the right solution for you.

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