Medical Speech Recognition

Accurately document patient information in your EHR at the point of care.

Radiology and reporting solutions

Create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before.

Healthcare development platform

Embed speech recognition to provide a ubiquitous user experience across platforms.

Putting voice at the heart of better medicine

Spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping patients. Nuance industry-leading speech recognition solutions are designed to improve clinical workflow efficiency and fit the way your healthcare organisation works.

For GPs and small

Enable clinicians to document care in their own words with an easy-to-use front-end solution for desktop and mobile.

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For departments and
hospital sites

Ensure all clinicians across your network can quickly and accurately to document care into the EHR.

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Custom solutions to capture your narrative

As a leader in the industry, we have the expertise and partnerships to create custom end-to-end solution to meet the needs of your team.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Capture the whole patient story in real-time

Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows you to quickly record the complete patient story at the point of care, so you can get back to the art of practicing medicine.

Speech Recognition Software – Dragon Medical Practice Edition
Designed for medical use

Includes vocabularies for medical specialties and subspecialties so you can speak like you would to another healthcare professional

Fast, easy implementation

Supports multiple Microsoft® applications and multiple email clients, plus smart configuration features

Dictate anywhere on any device

Document care directly into your desktop, laptop or use your iOS or Android mobile device

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Successfully balance care and cost

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Clinicians save 30 minutes or more a day

Improve care efficiency and quality

Support efficient budgeting

Dragon Medical Network Edition

Empower clinicians and increase EHR usage

Dragon Medical Network Edition allows you to embed speech recognition capabilities into your EHR to improve clinician experience and improve your ROI.

Speech Recognition Software - Dragon Medical Network Edition
Improved EHR adoption and experience

Enables clinicians to quickly dictate Progress Notes, Assessments and Plans directly into EHR software

Enhanced user reporting capabilities

Managers can gain a better understanding of the ROI for the speech recognition system

99% accuracy with medical vocabularies

Utilises the fastest, most accurate Dragon Medical speech recognition recogniser and vocabularies for up to 60 medical specialties

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Clinicians win,
hospitals win

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Physicians save 30 minutes or more of documentation time a day

Supports efficient budgeting

Custom solutions

Let us tailor a solution to meet your needs

Used by 10,000 healthcare institutions worldwide and with 300+ global HIT vendor integrations, Nuance has the experience needed to build custom solutions that meet your use case requirements based on:

How your clinicians work

Do your clinicians practice at one or multiple locations? Do clinicians share computers? What does a typical workflow entail?

Current and future IT needs

What systems or platforms are you currently using? What is your hardware and software lifecycle and replacement strategy?

Network environment

Do you utilise a virtualisation or Citrix environment? What are your plans for the next 12 months to 3 years?

Your mobile strategy

How many clinicians work remotely and how often? What internal policies do you have regarding mobile accessibility?

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Let us answer your questions to find the right solution for you.

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