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Challenges in nursing – How can we help to overcome them?

Nuance’s solutions for clinical documentation help improve the process of record keeping for the nursing workforce, freeing up valuable time for patient care.

Do more with less

Faced with an aging population in need of dedicated medical care and a NHS budget deficit of more than £22bn, the healthcare sector is striving to do ‘more with less’. Increasingly its nurses are taking the strain.

Do better with less

As a consequence nurses must handle increased workload with a wider scope, whilst still being able to provide individual patients with an exemplary level of care.

The patient story data is key

The government’s plan for a paperless NHS by 2018, and for all patient records to be digital, real-time and ‘interoperable’ by 2020, adds a considerable technological challenge to nursing documentation requirements.

Solution – Dragon Medical speech recognition

Nuance´s Dragon Medical solutions provide easy to use, accurate speech recognition which instantly transcribes spoken narrative into digital nursing documentation and are a powerful modern communication tool for busy healthcare professionals delivering proven benefits: :

Accuracy and completeness

Enrich your patient notes by capturing more detailed and precise information in less time

EPR usability and stress reduction

Easily navigate and update the electronic patient record system and reduce time spent on documentation

Patient care quality

Relieve precious time for what you started your job in the first place – caring and healing

Time savings

Nuance speech recognition enables you to take back the time usually lost to record keeping

Resource management

Dragon Medical helps you to deliver accurate and complete patient records despite increasing workload pressures

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Research shows

Nurses spend over 50% of their time on clinical documentation


Nearly 11 hours per week is needed to add to clinical documentation.


64% of the time is spent on narrative (‘unstructured’ notes) to capture the patient story well and only 36% on ‘structured notes’ (chose & click).


More than 1 hour per day is spent by nurses searching for information that is insufficiently clear or not available in the documentation.

Speech to text technologies save time and increase the record quality
Nurses documenting procedures
Find out how Alder Hey Children’s Hospital PICU benefits from Dragon Medical, including time savings of ‘at least 40 minutes a day’.

Recording keeping

Nurses and midwives should keep clear and accurate records which are relevant to their practice.*

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The accuracy, completeness and accessibility of nursing documentation have substantial impacts on the nurse workforce capacity and the quality of patient care.

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Free yourself from burdensome record keeping methods, start talking!

Nuance’s solutions for clinical documentation help improve the process of record keeping for the nursing workforce, freeing up valuable time for patient care.

*Source Record keeping guidance for nurses and midwives by the Nursing & Midwifery Council .

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