Medical Speech Recognition

Accurately document patient information in your EHR at the point of care.

Radiology and reporting solution

Create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before.

Healthcare development platform

Embed speech recognition to provide a ubiquitous user experience across platforms.

Fast and accurate diagnostic reports

With its highly accurate and proven speech recognition engine, Nuance solutions for diagnostic reporting deliver actionable data for rapid turnaround times, timely billing and reimbursements, and consistent reports.

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Create documents and share findings faster than ever before with a comprehensive speech-enabled reporting platform.

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Integrated speech capabilities
for your RIS/PACS

Nuance clinical speech recognization is a natural feature of your RIS or PACS. Understand the functionality that can be deeply integrated into your system.

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Custom solutions for reporting

As a global leader in the industry, we have the expertise and partnerships to create custom and comprehensive reporting solution to fit your needs.

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PowerScribe 360 Reporting

PowerScribe 360 changes the way you work with radiology

Our radiology reporting system, PowerScribe 360 brings you greater productivity. It improves medical and administrative work efficiency by creating radiology documentation faster than ever before with our accurate speech recognition system. Find out more features below.

Flexible dictation with up to 99% accuracy
Supports four primary dictation styles to accommodate the way you work, on a report-by-report basis.

Automated RIS, PACS workflow management
Workflows mapped to the needs of consultants, fellows, registrants, technologists, transcriptionists, administrators and more.

Easy implementation
Flexible Web Services API for searching, updating and retrieving data from the reporting platform.

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Improve your day-to-day activity in radiology

PowerScribe 360 is a powerful platform that combines speech recognition technology with radiology reporting. It improves the quality, speed and productivity of your diagnostic reports.

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Improves care through better clinical documentation

Improves care through better clinical documentation

Reduces report turnaround time from hours to minutes

Reduces report turnaround time from hours to minutes

Improves productivity and increases referring doctor satisfaction

Improves productivity and increases referring doctor satisfaction

RIS/PACS powered by Nuance

Integrate state-of-the art speech to text into your diagnostic solution

Nuance’s powerful speech-to-text technology for radiology reporting solutions can be embedded into any clinical application as needed, using the powerful SpeechMagic software development kit (SDK).

Enhance RIS/ PACS applications
Reports that may have previously taken hours can be done in minutes once speech recognition capabilities are built into your applications.

Take control
Speech recognition allows radiologists to benefit from automatically transcribed text, make corrections and issue verbal navigational commands to their radiology console software.

Customise vocabularies
Interactive speech recognition means clinicians can add and remove words from the existing vocabulary of the software.

Intuitive integration
Low-cost, low-effort incorporation into your existing IT infrastructure and workflows.

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Interested in an embedded solution? Find out if Nuance clinical speech recognition is available in your RIS/PACS of choice or visit our partner locator.

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Custom solutions

Overcoming speech-to-text adoption barriers

Although speech recognition solutions clearly provide many benefits to the radiology departments and the wider medical sector, there remain some barriers to adoption of the technology. In our user research we have identified many of these, and have taken steps to eliminate or lessen their impact as obstacles.

Resistance to change

Nuance’s radiology reporting solutions are easy to set up, intuitive to use, and can be incorporated into existing radiology documentation applications.

Clinician practices

Some clinicians have expressed beliefs that typing is more comfortable and reliable, and so are reluctant to embrace new methods. However our studies have shown that radiologists, other clinicians and administrators can save 30+ minutes a day by using speech recognition solutions.


Today’s healthcare sector has a highly mobile workforce, so any solution needs to match that. Nuance’s solutions can be used seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and other devices.


Radiology reporting and diagnostics have complex electronic workflows and need a solution which will integrate into those. Nuance’s solutions integrate with the RIS, PACS and the EHR, and further functionality can be added with the SpeechMagic software development kit.


Cost is a prime concern for all NHS trusts and for private practices. Nuance offers scalable and affordable solutions which save time/resources, and can boost productivity.


One concern voiced by clinicians in our research is the accuracy of speech recognition provided. Nuance’s solutions provide 99% accuracy – higher than that provided by typing – and is adept at recognising different accents, and 22 languages.

Training requirements

SpeechMagic and PowerScribe are tailor made for the medical user to support radiology reporting and electronic health records updating, so minimal training is required.


Amongst some clinicians, there is a fear that time will be lost during the transition to speech-to-text systems. Nuance’s solutions require little setup time, and once in place have been proven to save clinicians 30 minutes or more a day each, slashing turnaround times and avoiding lengthy approval loops.

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