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Health Information Management Solutions

Transform the patient's story into actionable codified information

CAC, CDI & CLU Solutions

Transforming the patient story into meaningful, actionable information to facilitate smart, efficient decisions across the healthcare enterprise, Nuance Healthcare is evolving speech from capture and recognition to understanding.

From the point at which providers create documentation, through their use of it to improve the delivery of care, quality measures, coding accuracy and appropriate reimbursement, Nuance Healthcare’s end-to-end platform furthers complete understanding by enabling collection and ensuring the accuracy of structured and unstructured data in Health Information Management (HIM). The only clinical documentation platform of its kind, Nuance Healthcare’s solution combines:

• Computer-aided coding (CAC) solutions to improve input and capture the specificity required by ICD-10
• Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) solutions to improve the accuracy and completeness of clinical information, and
• Clinical language understanding (CLU) solutions to extract structured data from free-text.
• Nuance Healthcare trains clinical teams to improve documentation quality continuously for complete, accurate reimbursement.

Transforming the patient story into meaningful actionable data; allowing you to understand everything.

Analytics Solutions

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The sooner you understand something, the faster you can address it. Nuance’s intelligent data mining tools are essential for healthcare professionals struggling to meet reporting deadlines and improve quality and clinical processes as the data demand increases.

Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation

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Enable improvements in clinical documentation quality at the point of entry with speech driven physician documentation and Clinical Language Understanding technology.

Clinical Coding and Documentation Improvement Solutions

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Nuance Healthcare deliver’s the industry’s end to end clinically oriented documentation, CDI and coding solution that automatically extracts structured data from unstructured narrative. This platform combines computer-assisted coding and natural language processing to support ICD-10’s increased specificity, and enhance CORE measure and regulatory reporting, continuously improving clinical documentation quality and helping ensure accurate reimbursement.

360 | Development Platform

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The 360 | Development Platform is designed for healthcare Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as well as internal development teams at provider and payer organizations that want to embed advanced speech recognition and clinical language understanding (CLU) functionality into their healthcare workflow solutions.

360 | Understanding Services allow development partners to embed CLU functionality in their apps to analyze free text dictations, tag clinical data elements, and extract facts for better patient care.

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