Voice recognition for healthcare

Narrative capture solutions

Accurately document patient information in your EHR at the point of care.

Radiology and reporting solutions

Create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before.

Healthcare development platform

Embed speech recognition to provide a ubiquitous user experience across platforms.

Stay ahead of evolving healthcare

Realize the full potential of your electronic health records (EHR) system with voice recognition solutions to effectively reduce costs, alleviate clinician workload and improve patient care, while migrating to a paperless process.

Truth about EHRs

EHR Solutions alone are not up to the challenge

A poll of 1,000 doctors in the US1 and anecdotal research shows that EHR systems on their own are part of the problem not the solution.

90 mins to a doctor's day - to compensate physicians often enter minimal data

67% find keyboard and mouse to be a major hurdle

97%believe structured data entry alone does not capture the patient’s unique story

The conclusion:

EHR + Nuance voice recognition = improved usability, data quality and efficiency

1. Nuance Survey with nearly 1,000 responses from physicians, Dec 2009

Uses by audience

How voice recognition changes the way you work

For hospitals and clinicians

Learn about a new documentation workflow that offers clinicians flexibility and enables hospitals to improve financial integrity.

  • Watch the how it works video
  • Compare voice vs. standard entry
  • Explore solutions for narrative capture and reporting

Find a better system of care

For healthcare managers and EHR providers

Complement and enhance your existing EHR system with embedded speech capture solutions that help you realize the potential of your investment.

  • Discover 5 reasons to speech enable your EHR
  • Watch the how it works video
  • Explore products that support EHR integration

How voice improves EHR adoption

For developers

Explore products that enable you to empower your clinical workflow applications with deeply embedded speech recognition capabilities.

Learn more about our developer platform

Why Nuance

Empowering hospitals and providers worldwide:

Coverage in 30+ countries

Used in 67% of all US hospitals

#14 of the HCI 100 in 2013

500,000 clinician users

10,000 healthcare institutions

300+ global HIT vendors integrate our On-Demand Speech and Clinical Language Understanding

Customer case studies

Talk to us to find the right voice-enabled solution for your hospital.

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Voice recognition for healthcare

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