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Reducing the time spent documenting care saves you valuable time and money, which means you’ll have more time to see patients.


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Nuance Healthcare offers a full complement of transcription solutions to simplify your clinical documentation process while maintaining quality. eScription provides background speech recognition that reduces turnaround times and cuts costs without disrupting. Real-time documentation with Dragon® Medical allows clinicians to make their notes instantly available to their colleagues. SpeechMagic is an integration platform that enables Healthcare IT vendors to seamlessly integrate speech recognition within their applications. Doctors directly dictate in their RIS or EPS.



Healthcare is changing

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If you work in a Healthcare organisation, you are probably grappling with the most dynamic and challenging issues you have ever faced. As a healthcare professional, you must decide how you will meet all these challenges: realising significant bottom line reductions and ensuring patients receive the highest quality and safest care possible. You need to act now. Nuance Healthcare can help. Nuance is the only vendor that offers a full range of speech driven clinical documentation and communication solutions and services.


Document Productivity Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals need smart solutions for PDF, document scanning, document management, OCR and forms processing to help them regain control over paper-intensive clinical, billing, regulatory and administrative processes. Nuance helps healthcare professionals achieve exceptional efficiency along with significant cost savings, greater security, improved traceability and increased productivity.

  • Create electronically fillable patient enrolment forms
  • Scan & file insurance card and identification
  • Scan, index and file patient referral forms
  • Scan & organise patient records
  • A greener corporate footprint through vastly reduced paper consumption

Create & Edit with PDF Converter

Make Documents Searchable & Editable with OmniPage OCR

Scan & Organise Files Electronically with PaperPort

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Speech recognition drives efficiency and cost savings in clinical documentation by turning clinician dictations into formatted documents - automatically.

Using front-end speech recognition, you can dictate, self-edit and sign transcription-free completed reports in one sitting – directly into a RIS/PACS system or EHR. Front-end speech recognition also allows you to quickly navigate from one section of the EHR to another… Saving valuable time.

Learn more about Healthcare Speech Recognition

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Nuance provides tailored, phone-based customer service solutions that are helping leading health insurance companies to deliver cost-effective and differentiated customer care via the phone, web and contact centre agents – and earn happy, loyal customers in the process of reducing costs and improving healthcare accessibility.

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