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Voice commands

List of the most important voice commands

With Dragon Drive! Messaging, you can format your texts simply and quickly with easily remembered, intuitive voice commands. Figures, dates and times are also recognised. Just dictate as you normally speak.

Here is a list of some frequently used voice commands:
• “Full-stop” – [ . ]
• “Comma” – [ , ]
• “Exclamation mark” – [ ! ]
• “Open brackets” – [ ( ]
• “Nine Euros fifty” – [9.50 EUR]
• “Half past nine” – [9:30]
• “Thirteen forty five” – [13:45]
• “New paragraph”

For further information and practical tips on all aspects of Dragon Drive! Messaging, see the “Tips and tricks” section. Our FAQ section answers many common questions and our Support will help you with any other queries you might have.

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Voice Commands

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