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Dragon Dictate 2.5 for Mac
What's New

What's new in Version 2.5

With valuable new features, such as full command and dictation support for Microsoft Word 2011, Dragon Dictate 2.5 (a free upgrade for version 2.0 customers) delivers far more than a traditional software point release. 

With Dragon Dictate 2.5, users can seamlessly combine dictation with mouse and keyboard input in Microsoft Word 2011, the most commonly used application for Dragon Dictate customers. This new capability makes it easier than ever for Mac users to quickly and easily capture their thoughts and ideas without being distracted by the mouse or keyboard. What’s more, iPhone users can take advantage of the new Dragon Remote Microphone application. This free app turns your iPhone into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon on your Mac.

Version 2.5 gives Mac users the ability to more finely control how Dragon formats text such as dates, times, numbers and addresses, ensuring that Dragon works the way that you work. New voice commands, such as the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter, help version 2.5 customers get more done on their Mac. And the improved user profile creation process enables even the youngest Mac user to get started with speech recognition.

Enhanced Hardware and Software Support

Microsoft Word 2011 Support: Dictate 2.5 allows users to seamlessly combine dictation with manual input from the mouse and keyboard. This ability to “mix talking and typing” within Microsoft Word was the most requested product enhancement request. In addition, Dictate 2.5 offers built-in voice commands for controlling Microsoft Word 2011. These voice commands allow users to format text, insert tables and graphics, and control most menu items by voice.

New Audio Input Options

iPhone as Wireless Microphone: Most customers use Dragon by speaking directly to their Mac using the microphone included with their Dragon software purchase. But some users can be frustrated by wearing a headset that tethers them to their Mac. With the introduction of the free Dragon Remote Microphone application (available in the Apple app store), users can achieve the same great accurate transcription using a device many already have: their iPhone! The Dragon Remote Microphone app converts a user’s iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, iPad and iPad 2 or iPod Touch 4th gen running iOS 4.2, or later into a wireless microphone via WiFi.

Time-Saving Voice Commands

New Facebook and Twitter Commands: Users can easily update Facebook by saying “Post to Facebook”, “Post to Facebook [text],” or  “Post that to Facebook.” Tweets are quickly captured by voice: a user selects dictated or typed text (via mouse or voice command), and says “Post that to Twitter.” Additional Twitter commands include “Tweet [text]" (English only) and "Post to Twitter [text].”

Improved Formatting Control

  • Formatting Enhancements: With the new Auto Formatting dialog, users have greater control over the way certain data is formatted. Individual preferences can be set for dates and time (e.g., June 18, 2011 vs. 6/18/11), numbers and units of measure (e.g., five vs. 5), addresses, abbreviations, and more. Users can also set a preference to insert two spaces after a period, if they choose.
  • Numbers Mode: Version 2.5 introduces Numbers Mode, which can be particularly helpful for users that frequently dictate many numbers in a row, such as inputting figures or product codes into a database. When in Numbers Mode, Dragon recognizes everything it hears as a number or as a command.

Getting Started with Dragon is Faster and Easier

Faster and Easier to Create a User Profile: Version 2.5 updates the Voice Training component of user profile creation, introducing new additional training text.

User Interface and Usability Enhancements

Auto Sleep Microphone: If the microphone is on but does not receive input after one minute, the microphone will automatically go into Sleep mode. This Auto Sleep functionality is helpful as it forces users to follow effective microphone control even when you forget to turn the microphone off. With version 2.5, users can set personal preference for the time allotted for the Auto Sleep microphone functionality (any range from 30 seconds to five minutes). Users also have the option to turn off the Auto Sleep functionality entirely.

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