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Dragon Express

Simple, Fast, Accurate Dictation

Get More Done Faster with Dragon Express

Dragon Express is an easy and fun speech recognition utility that introduces OS X Lion customers to voice recognition for the Mac. Put your words to work without the hassle of typing.

Dragon Express can be conveniently accessed from the menu bar at any time without a network connection. Users dictate directly into the Dragon Express window, using the internal Mac microphone or a USB headset microphone. Dragon Express eliminates the time-consuming and frustrating task of keyboard typing without adding yet another layer of complexity. Just speak and amazingly accurate results instantly appear in the Dragon Express window. When you're done dictating, Dragon Express will place the transcribed text into the application of your choice.

Dictate as much text as you’d like; there are no limitations on the amount of text you can dictate into the Dragon Express window. Dragon Express includes the ability to select and delete text by voice as well as the convenient “scratch that” command that can be used when you change your mind. But there’s no need to memorize voice commands – focus on capturing your thoughts and ideas instead. Dragon Express can be used with the internal microphone of your Mac, but a USB headset is recommended.

Be More Productive with a Complete Speech Recognition Solution

Dragon Express is the simplest introduction to voice recognition for the Mac. For Mac users who have purchased Dragon Express, and are now looking for a more robust speech recognition solution, you may now wish to consider Dragon Dictate. For a limited time, we’re offering existing Dragon Express customers the opportunity to upgrade to Dragon Dictate for £179.99.

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Dragon Express-Dictate Comparisson

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