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Dragon add-ons and software bundles give you more tools to make your computer easier to use

Dragon Software Bundles

Sometimes interacting with your computer can be a challenge, whether it’s difficulty typing, viewing the screen, reading online text, or simply trying to manipulate the mouse and keyboard to perform everyday computer tasks. By pairing additional software tools with Dragon, computers can unlock the power of their computer for greater convenience and productivity.

Dragon Gaming Speech Pack

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Controlling games by voice makes the gaming experience more intuitive, more realistic, and more fun. With the Dragon Gaming Speech Pack, game players can move characters, reload weapons, open doors, disband guilds, or flee as quickly as they can speak. Used with the included Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, gamers can quickly execute actions within games like Call of Duty Black Ops or World of Warcraft, and easily speak into chat interfaces instead of typing.

  • Command and control your favorite PC games and seamlessly dictate into text boxes to send messages or chat
  • Intuitive voice commands allow users to focus on the strategy of the game
  • Create a more realistic gaming experience and become truly immersed in the game’s virtual environment


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Dragon LifeStyle Speech Pack

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Dragon LifeStyle Speech Pack, used in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, allows you to command and control applications such as iTunes, Skype, instant messenger tools, and more – just by talking.  Simple voice commands make it faster and easier to set your status, add or import contacts, send messages, play music and videos, or even place and answer calls.

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