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Dragon for PC demo videos

Watch and Learn

See how Dragon NaturallySpeaking works and learn how you can quickly capture your thoughts and ideas to get more done at work, home, and beyond – just by talking!

The Microphone
No headset? No worries. Dragon 13 offers support for many microphone options, including, for the first time, microphones built-in to many of the latest laptops, offering greater freedom and flexibility. Dragon 13 automatically detects which microphones are available to use, so you simply select your preference and start talking. Watch video

Creating Your Profile
The entire profile creation process is now shorter than Dragon 12 due to the improved out-of-the-box accuracy in Dragon 13. In just four simple steps, you can set up your Dragon profile to get started. Reading four minutes of text is no longer required. Dragon 13 is already accurate right out of the box. Watch video

DragonBar & Learning Center
Dragon 13 features a contemporary, intuitive interface and helpful tutorials that make using it easier than ever before. Boost your productivity even further by exploring advanced features with the easy-to-use Learning Center, which displays relevant help at your fingertips. Watch video

With 15% more out-of-the-box accuracy than Dragon 12, Dragon 13 turns talk into text 3 times faster than typing. Dragon also has many features that make dictation fast, such as auto formatting words and expressions like dates and times, street addresses, phone numbers and more. Watch video

Edit, Format & Correct Text with Voice Commands
Use many of the voice commands in Dragon 13 to modify your text, edit or replace text, or format text such as bold and underline. It's easy to create and edit documents all by voice using Dragon.Watch video

Improving Accuracy
Dragon 13 is highly accurate speech recognition software right out-of-the-box; however, there are still ways you can improve its overall accuracy. For example, you can let Dragon learn from existing text and sent emails allowing it to adapt to your writing style, add new words to your vocabulary and more. Explore all these features now. Watch video

Voice Commands
Dragon 13 makes it easier than ever to create commands to insert frequently used text and/or graphics by voice. Watch video

Dragon & The Web
Dragon 13 now also supports Voice Command and Full Text Control in popular web applications such as Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For example, simply tell your computer to “Open Internet Explorer,” and from there, use your voice to navigate to Facebook, scroll through your news feed and select photos and links.Watch video

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Dragon for PC Demo Videos

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