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Breakthrough Innovation and Accuracy for Superior OCR

OmniPage OCR Solutions for You and Your Business

The continued use of paper and information that is locked in non-editable digital formats slows people down and frequently leads to "knowledge re-creation". This wastes time and is a drain on both productivity and profits. As a leading document imaging solution, OmniPage is the fastest and most precise way to convert documents into editable digital content that looks and acts just like an original digital document complete with columns, colours, pictures and graphics. There is a version of OmniPage designed to handle every document conversion and OCR need from the home office to high volume business processes.


OmniPage 18

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Powerful OCR technology makes OmniPage 18 the world’s best – and most accurate – solution for repurposing, editing, sorting, searching and sharing converted documents in any format you choose.

  • The most accurate conversion in 123 languages.
  • Superior formatting control.
  • Complete recognition of forms, text, tables, graphics and images.
  • One-step conversion to Amazon Kindle format.


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OmniPage Ultimate

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OmniPage Ultimate converts paper, PDF files and forms into documents you can automatically send to others, edit on your PC or archive in a document repository.


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