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T9Nav® Smart Search

Think It. Find It. Mobile Search Made Simple

T9Nav® Smart Search

With T9 Nav®, you can find anything on your phone instantly. Music, photos, games, websites, calendar entries, phone functions, contacts—just type in what you’re looking for, and this ingenious application will find it super fast.
For example, press '3' and T9 Nav® will retrieve things that start with '3', 'd', 'e' or 'f'.

The more content you've got on your phone, the more you’ll love T9 Nav®. In fact, it could be the best download you find this year.

Want to find a song quickly? - Type the artist name or song title, and you’ll soon find the track you want.
Need to call or text your best friend fast? - Get their number quickly without looking through hundreds of contacts
Forgotten where to find that useful application? - Wherever it is stored, T9 Nav will find it in moments.
Want a shortcut to useful sites on the mobile web? - Type the keyword for what you want to find, and select one of the public bookmarks prepared for you by T9 Nav.



How does T9 Nav work?

T9 Nav indexes everything on your device, including contacts, calendar entries, phone settings, music, etc. Then it makes everything it's found available to you, so that you can access anything on your phone by typing the name of whatever you want using just one key press per letter - right from the home screen.
What are keywords?
A keyword is the name given to a "public bookmark" that points to a mobile site. Those keywords can be searched like any other content on the device. T9Nav offers for each region a large set of keywords, and a keyword can either point to popular mobile site (e.g. Facebook) or to a site that provides specific information or resources in a mobile setting (sport news, weather, ...).

Why do I see so many search results come up when I dial a phone number?
Multiple results are displayed when you start to dial because T9 Nav is matching all possible results to the key presses that you have entered. The more you type, the more you will refine your search. The Results list will then narrow until either your desired result or phone number appears.
What devices does T9 Nav run on?
The downloadable version of T9 Nav™ is available is available for S30 3rd and 5th edition handsets.

Will synchronising my phone with my desktop or other applications affect T9 Nav?
Yes, T9 Nav will pick up any updates or changes that happen on the phone, regardless of where they came from.

Are there any shortcuts available in T9 Nav?
Yes, if a contact is highlighted, pressing the green call button will call the default phone number for that contact.

T9 Nav stopped working on my phone.  What do I do?
If you ever turn your phone off, T9 Nav should automatically restart when the phone turns on. You can see if it’s running by looking for the little circle above it in the applications page, as in the image below.

If for some reason it turns off when the phone is on, find the T9 Nav application and click on it to restart. See your phone user manual for instructions for finding the applications page and turning an application back on.


The T9 Nav core indexing engine supports all Latin-1 and Cyrillic languages.  The S60 downloadable application has been localised into the following 15 languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish and Ukrainian

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Hi! I was searching for an app like this one month! Why don't u list it on more stores? The application is PERFECT! Thanks. 
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