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Nuance Daisy

View Books on Your Phone

Nuance Daisy2Go is a player/viewer for books that conform to the DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 specification, for phones utilising S60 3rd Edition or 5th Edition. Daisy2Go is a part of the Nuance Accessibility Suite, and it has been optimised for Nuance TALKS to allow for easy alternation between audio and textual content. It is free for users who own a licence for TALKS&ZOOMS Premium Edition.

Nuance Daisy2Go provides the following functionalities:

  • A Bookshelf view, that allows you to find, sort, open and delete DAISY titles.
  • The Content view, that can show the content for the selected DAISY title in tree or list view, and allows you to select the chapter or section you want to access.
  • The Bookmarks view, that lists all bookmarks you define for the selected DAISY title, and allows to delete them.
  • The Text view, that displays the textual content of a DAISY book; text size and colour can be changed. For a title with audio and text content, this is synchronised with the audio tracks that make up the book.
  • The Play view, that shows the available navigation levels for the selected book, "Heading 1", "Heading 2", …, "Heading 6", "Page", "Text block" and "Phrase".
  • A DAISY-fy feature that allows you to import a folder with MP3 files as a title on the bookshelf.
  • The Book Info view, that shows information about the selected DAISY title, like the format, title, publisher, author, narrator, creator, duration, etc., depending upon what is available for the selected book.
  • Forward and backward cueing, like for a tape recorder, with adjustable speed.
  • Increase or decrease the playback volume.
  • Increase or decrease the playback speed without pitch changes
  • Optional auto-resume at start-up, or for a selected DAISY title
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