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Nuance TALKS&ZOOMS for Series 60 3rd/5th
Edition and Symbian^3


Nuance TALKS&ZOOMS is a software application for mobile handsets that converts displayed text into highly intelligible speech and/or large print on phones that run the Symbian™ S60 3rd/5th and Symbian^3 edition platform. Nuance TALKS&ZOOMS empowers people who are blind or have low-vision by providing access to most handset features including but not limited to:

  • Home screen information
  • Contact directories
  • Caller ID
  • Calendar
  • Text messages
  • Email - via the phone's built-in mail app
  • Web content via the Nokia web browser
  • Many 3rd-party applications

Note: Nuance TALKS&ZOOMS Version 5.20 is a free upgrade for all Premium Edition licences generated after 13 November 2007. In particular, this means that it can be installed by any customer who is currently able to run version 4.11, 5.00 or 5.01 without requiring a new licence.

NEW! Support for Symbian^3 Touch Screen handsets

NEW! Improved functionality of the Touch Screen interface

NEW! Support for the OVI Maps V3.X GPS/Satellite-Navigation application

NEW! Improved access to the Nokia Internet Radio application

NEW! Access to embedded browser views (including many Help screens)

NEW! Increased compatibility with various 3rd party applications and specific handset features

NEW! Improved functionality of the Daisy2go DAISY/MP3 player (Premium licence only)

NEW! Support for recent S60 3rd and 5th Edition plus Symbian^3 handsets including: Nokia 5630 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia C5-00, Nokia C5-03, Nokia C6-00, Nokia C6-01,Nokia C7-00, Nokia E5-00, Nokia E7-00, Nokia E72, Nokia E73, Nokia N8-00, Nokia N97, Nokia N97mini, Nokia X5-01, Nokia X6

Note: screen magnification using ZOOMS and Automation is not yet supported on Symbian^3 handsets

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