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EMC Partner Solutions

EMC Partner Solutions

eCopy extends the value of the following EMC solutions:

  • Content Server
  • Captiva InputAccel
  • Captiva Dispatcher
  • Information Rights Management (IRM) Services
  • Infoscape & RSA DLP Suite

eCopy Connector for EMC Documentum

Enables scanned documents to be directly stored within Content Server. The end user can select the appropriate location for the scanned document and identify if a QuickFlow or EMC IRM should be applied to the document once it reaches the repository.

Additional Information:

  • Download EMC Documentum Connector data sheet

EMC Captiva InputAccel Connector for eCopy

Handling paper documents is typically a manual process, which often includes shipping documents from remote locations to a central office for further processing. Compared to electronic methods, these manual processes are inefficient, costly and often require significant time for paper based content to become usable across an organisation. Pairing InputAccel with ShareScan software allows paper documents to be scanned and indexed remotely from an MFP and delivered directly to the InputAccel. Implementing a distributed capture solution allows organisations to streamline distributed manual paper processing, reduce costs and accelerates business processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Converts paper documents into digital files for easier compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPPA and FISMA.
  • Enables on-demand scanning while continuing to leverage standardised, centralised capture processes.
  • Leverages existing network-enabled multifunction copiers and scanners.
  • Creates an electronic audit trail and controls access to sensitive paper documents.

Additional information:

  • Download EMC InputAccel Connector Data sheet
  • Frost & Sullivan White Paper: Distributed Capture - Reducing Costs, Removing Bottlenecks and Mitigating Risks
  • Distributed Capture in Financial Services


eCopy & EMC Captiva Dispatcher

Intelligent Document Recognition enables organisations to cope with enormous volumes and varieties of documents and lessen the IT burden of supporting multiple point solutions. With its advanced classification and data extraction technology, EMC Captiva Dispatcher eases and speeds the processing of multiple types of incoming documents. It automatically classifies forms before extracting the data and exporting to an ECM system, without manual intervention. However, Captiva Dispatcher is normally invoked within a production environment, once the user has left the input device.

Combined with eCopy, the dynamic capture process starts at the multifunction copier or scanner. Data is classified, extracted and validated before it enters the corporate network or ECM system.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces or eliminates the costs associated with shipping documents
  • Incorporates paper documents and data into a workflow faster, accelerating the flow of information throughout an organisation
  • Reduces or eliminates the cost associated with information mishandling
  • Empowers knowledge workers at remote offices to capture key documents and data at source

Additional information:

  • Download EMC Solution Brief: Distributed Capture: Intelligent Document Recognition at the Input Device

EMC IRM Services for eCopy

IRM Services enables organisations to control, secure and track sensitive information wherever it resides - within a work group, across departments or with partners and suppliers outside the firewall. By applying rights that determine who can view, edit, print or forward information, organisations can ensure that sensitive information remains secure as it is shared both internally and externally. When business needs change, firms can dynamically change or revoke access policies and confirm compliance with corporate policies through a detailed audit trail of all activity.

EMC IRM Services for eCopy enables dynamic protection and control of paper-based information, as it is scanned at the input device.

Key Benefits:

  • The eCopy audit capability can be integrated within the IRM audit to provide a complete, detailed audit trail.
  • The end user is challenged to select the appropriate IRM Policy at the multifunction copier or scanner.

Additional information:

Download EMC IRM Services for eCopy Solution Overview

EMC Infoscape & RSA DLP Suite

Using eCopy development tools, the eCopy solution can be integrated with EMC Infoscape and RSA DLP Suite. Infoscape is able to dynamically analyse and classify documents as they are created by eCopy. This will enforce control and compliance of inbound paper-based information to ensure it is stored in accordance with an organisation's information classification policy.

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